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Sep 18 2014

Product Warranties – Stick to Your Guns

Whenever we spend our hard-earned money on products such as electronics we do so with the usual expectation that those products will work for a long time to come. You may formulate that expectation based upon the brand, its reputation, the cost or other attributes of the product. In December 2013, I bought myself a …

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Aug 10 2014

Incoming Gadget – Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset

Just a quick update. Given that my Logitech UE9000 wireless headphones broke at the end of June 2014 I’ve had to use other headphones until I sorted out my warranty claim. I’ll cover that in more detail soon but it took me four weeks to convince Logitech USA to replace the headphones as I purchased …

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Jan 23 2013

Ever Heard of Do Not Knock?

Perhaps not technically orientated but I thought this was a good tip to share nonetheless. I reckon a lot of us would of heard about the Do Not Call Register and even registered your phone numbers online to stop telemarketing calls from coming through. However, what if there was something to stop salespeople from knocking on your door? …

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May 25 2012

Call Me – Save Yourself a Call to Amazon

A couple of days ago I found that my replacement Kindle DX which I had in my possession for just two weeks succumbed to the screen failure issue that the original Kindle DX suffered. Needless to say I was a bit annoyed by this turn of events as I had not even had the chance to start …

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May 02 2012

Boydo’s Kindle DX Goes to Heaven

Well, just a few days out of warranty my Kindle DX went to heaven after suffering a fatal screen failure. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a free replacement unit (which is fair enough given that I am outside the warranty period) but my wife was able to get her Kindle replaced a few days …

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Feb 22 2012

Keep Informed on Product Recalls

Not all electronic devices are created equally and sometimes, due to poor manufacturing or lack of testing, product recalls are necessary to correct these defects. Companies may take out newspaper ads, attempt to contact customers based upon their product registration details and perhaps even television ads (if they are brave). Anyway, there is something you …

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Jan 13 2012

Amazon Saves Heartache Over a Broken Kindle

A few nights ago my wife turned on her Kindle only to find that the top half of the screen would remain stuck on what had been on the screensaver while the lower half would refresh (apart from some minor glitches). We both didn’t have a good feeling about it and numerous attempts to switch …

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Dec 19 2011

The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall of Hard Drive Warranties

This news may take a little while to trickle through to regular consumers but I wanted to draw attention to the fact that Western Digital and Seagate are going to alter the warranties offered with their hard drive around the end of this year. In short, Seagate will be slashing the five years warranty down …

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Jul 13 2011

How to Report Telemarketers Ignoring the Do Not Call Register

In Australia, we’ve been lucky enough to have a Do Not Call Register legislated to hep reduce the number of telemarketing calls received on personal landlines, fax numbers and mobile numbers. People have experienced  varying effectiveness from a remarkable reduction in the number of telemarketing calls to little effect at all. At home, our single …

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Jan 29 2011

Boydo’s Tech Talk – The First Year

Perhaps hard to believe but the blog has been up and running for a full year and many things have happened over the course of the last twelve months. At times, it has been a bit of a challenge to do a daily entry particularly with the demands of full time work as well as …

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