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Enable Tracking Protection in Mozilla Firefox

Here’s a quick tip that not only helps you maintain some privacy but may also increase browsing speed in Firefox as well. Recently introduced into Mozilla Firefox, there is a disabled capability which will be enabled in Firefox 39 (we’re on Firefox 36.0.5 at the time of writing). This functionality blocks all of those invisible …

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Discover What Bing Knows About You

Here’s a quick tip for tonight. If you’ve ever used Bing (Microsoft’s own search engine attempting to compete with Google) you might be interested to learn about what sort of information it has built up about you. At the moment, it might be more for the sake of curiosity but for those Bing converts it’s …

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Disable Social Advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn - Manage Social Advertising Option

This might have gone under the radar for many people who use LinkedIn in terms of being opted in for “social advertising” on its service. In a nuthshell, your photo and name may be used in ads shown to other members of LinkedIn in relevance to companies and services when you make recommendations or follow …

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Hide Your Google Plus Profile From Search Engines

Changing Search Visibility Setting in Google Plus

As more and more people are trying out Google Plus a good number of them will be conscious of the default setting to make it visible in results generated by the various search engines. If you are one of those people, this is how you can change the search visibility of your profile to suit. …

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How to Report Telemarketers Ignoring the Do Not Call Register

In Australia, we’ve been lucky enough to have a Do Not Call Register legislated to hep reduce the number of telemarketing calls received on personal landlines, fax numbers and mobile numbers. People have experienced  varying effectiveness from a remarkable reduction in the number of telemarketing calls to little effect at all. At home, our single …

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The Concept of the “Super Log Off”

The other day, I heard a term that I had never come across before while listening to one of the podcasts I download every week which piqued my interest. The concept of the “super log off” is not new but I was interested to learn about the ways in which it is used by individuals. …

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Facebook Privacy – Check Your Facebook Phonebook

These days, Facebook is very much the social hub for the digital life for the average connected person. What people may not realise is that Facebook makes it keep by finding ways to use our personal information, be it for targeted ads or suggested content. It probably goes without saying that the more detailed information that can …

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Beware of Cold Calls Regarding Computer Security

These days, it can be hard to tell who are the good guys and who are the bad guys and all it takes is one time to let your guard down and it’s game over. Unknown to a lot of people, there has been a scam going on for a while regarding people posing as …

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Facebook Privacy Scanner – What Information Are You Sharing?

Facebook Privacy Scanner

One of my friends brought this to my attention today (ironically through Facebook, thanks DJC!) and I thought that this would be a worthwhile piece of information to share. Facebook have had a recent habit of tweaking privacy options under the guise of allowing users finer control over their personal information whilst the default settings …

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Google Caught Short on Wi-Fi Network Privacy

A couple of articles  have surfaced over the last few days concerning Google and its collection of WiFi network information when conducting its Street View activities. One such article detailing Google’s response and admission of its actions has me scratching my head. Alan Eustace, a senior vice president at Google, was quoted as having said: …

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