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Jul 27 2013

Live Streaming Television with Vulkano

A while back I wrote about how I was looking at options to stream live television and my focus upon the Slingbox products but I never got around to purchasing one. Don’t get me wrong, I think the technology is fantastic but I’ve just not seen much in the way of innovation or the extension of …

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Dec 21 2012

Panasonic DMR-PWT520 Blu-ray Disc Player & Hard Drive Recorder Review

Another quick update. For those of you looking to get your first hard drive recorder (or PVR/DVR) then you might want to read this article I wrote on Panasonic Australia’s blog about the DMR-PWT520 Blu-ray disc player and hard drive recorder. If you’re looking to add digital recording capability to your home theatre setup while consolidating …

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Jul 07 2012

Hard Drives with Bad Sectors Living on Borrowed Time

This might seem fairly obvious for those of us in the know but something I thought was worth spelling out for everybody. A lot of us are used to the concept of reinstall or repairing software when something happens to it as a result of a bad shutdown, loss of power or something else. It …

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Apr 19 2012

Beware of NTFS USB Drives and Encrypted Files

Perhaps an edge case for a lot of people out there but perhaps something worth considering if you have formatted your USB stick with NTFS rather than FAT or FAT32 or you use portable hard drives formatted with NTFS. Some corporations will enforce the use of folder encryption on your computer (rather than whole disk …

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Dec 19 2011

The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall of Hard Drive Warranties

This news may take a little while to trickle through to regular consumers but I wanted to draw attention to the fact that Western Digital and Seagate are going to alter the warranties offered with their hard drive around the end of this year. In short, Seagate will be slashing the five years warranty down …

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Dec 14 2011

Holy Hard Drive Prices!

While the tech heads out there would have seen this coming the regular user probably didn’t so I thought this was worth mentioning. It wasn’t long ago when you could buy a 2TB hard drive for around $100 which was pretty good. However, prices of all hard drives may soon rise due to widespread flooding …

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Sep 12 2011

“About This Mac” Just Got Friendlier

Here’s another tidbit of information about Mac OS X Lion. If you are unaware, the “About This Mac” screen has been refreshed to be a bit more user friendly compared to versions of Mac OS X prior to Lion First up is the “Overview” screen which looks a bit cleaner and even includes a picture …

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Jul 30 2011

Classic Windows Gaming: WinTrek

Just a quick one for tonight (and a bit of nostalgia for me too). Back in school I remember the time when we moved away from our fleet of Apple IIe computers (and a sole Macintosh which the school had won in a Coles shopping docket collection competition) and upgraded to IBM compatible machines (can’t …

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Jul 16 2011

Windows Home Server Upgrade – Progress Report

Just wanted to share with you my “upgrade” experience going from the original Windows Home Server to Windows Home Server 2011. This morning I made some hardware upgrades, specifically: adding another 4GB RAM, replacing the existing four hard drives totaling 3TB of varying sizes with three 2TB hard drives. This part didn’t take so long …

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Jun 11 2011

Front and Rear USB Ports – Use Them Wisely

Just a quick one for tonight. One thing that gets my gripe is how people use USB ports on their computer, particularly front and rear USB ports on desktop computers. When USB ports first hit the scene they were relegated to the rear of the computer along with all of the other faithful ports including …

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