How to Report Telemarketers Ignoring the Do Not Call Register

In Australia, we’ve been lucky enough to have a Do Not Call Register legislated to hep reduce the number of telemarketing calls received on personal landlines, fax numbers and mobile numbers. People have experienced  varying effectiveness from a remarkable reduction in the number of telemarketing calls to little effect at all.

At home, our single telephone is only really connected from time to time to test the line for noise (as we have an ADSL connection that shares the line). However, we have received a number of telemarketing calls when we have been home (which then prompts us to disconnect the phone again) but me being me I’m still not satisfied that telemarketers are calling our number.

So, what should you do when you receive a telemarketing call on a telephone service whose number is registered on the Do Not Call Register?

There are some key pieces of information that you need from the caller (or faxer), specifically:

  1. the name of the company,
  2. the contact details of the company (so phone number, address, website),
  3. the number of the company calling (if displayed),
  4. the relationship you have with the company contacting you (or the lack thereof),
  5. the time and date of the contact,
  6. the products being offered.
Once you have this information, go to the “Complaints and enquiries” section of the Do Not Call Register and click on “I want to lodge a complaint“. You’ll need to fill in the form including your contact details the the details of the telemarketer as per the above but once that’s done your complaint will be lodged. ACMA will assess the complaint and, if it is valid, progress the investigation as required.
If you don’t fancy using the DNCR website to lodge your complaint you can always give them a call on 1300 792 958. Sure, it’s time out of your day to lodge a complaint but your information could be the difference it takes to give these companies a kick up the backside.

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    • Matt on August 17, 2011 at 08:42
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    This is a great article. I had a telemarketer that would not stop calling. They would call during dinner, late at night, while I was at work. It was ruining my life. I found this site: and decided to look up their info. After that, I threatened to report them and they stopped instantly. Telemarketers can really take their toll on you if you let them!

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