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Dec 18 2013

Unlock Free Skype Group Calling and Screen Sharing

Here’s a quick tip for Skype users out there. Microsoft is running a promotion where you can get twelve free months of Skype’s premium features, specifically: group video calls group screen sharing, removal of advertising, live chat customer support. You don’t need to provide a credit card number to take advantage of this offer which …

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Sep 23 2013

Resolve Distorted Video in Skype

One of the main causes of a poor video experience in Skype is a low quality internet connection but there are other things that can also impact upon a reliable video conversation. I am going to cover one of the more quirky issues I have encountered personally. Upon initiating a video conversation you may find …

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Apr 30 2013

An OST file is in use and could not be accessed…

If you’re a user of Outlook you may encounter the following error message on the rarest of occasions when attempting to open the application: The file is in use and could not be accessed. Close any application that is using this file, and then try again. This was after I had closed Microsoft Outlook 2013 …

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Jan 28 2013

Google Reporting Suspicious Activity After IM+ Login

Here’s a quick tip for those of you trying out IM+ for the first time. IM+ is a great app to sign you into multiple instant messenger services simultaneously with just one piece of software. It’ll connect to Skype. Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, ICQ and Google Talk to name but a few. However, you may …

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Jan 14 2013

Windows Live Messenger – Not Quite the End

Earlier in the week I wrote about the wind up of the Windows Live Messenger service but it appears that there is a bit more to this event. What will happen on 15th March, 2013 is that the Windows Live Messenger client software will be barred from authentication with the service which will force existing users to migrate …

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Jan 10 2013

Windows Live Messenger Shutting Down

Those of you out there that use Windows Live Messenger should have received an e-mail from Microsoft stating as such but if you’ve missed it then the service will be shutting down on 15th March 2013. That’s a little over two months away so if you rely upon Messenger to keep in touch with people …

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Jan 04 2013

Logging Out of Skype on Windows Phone 8

If you’re using the beta version of Skype for Windows Phone 8 and you’re conscious of preserving battery life you may have been looking for the option to logout of Skype in the various menus. I’ll save you further grief – it’s not there. For whatever reason, you cannot log out of Skype for Windows …

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Nov 19 2012

Skype Integrates Windows Live Messenger at a Cost

It’s been known for a little while that Microsoft is planning to lay Windows Live Messenger to rest in favour of Skype. Microsoft has already made the first step by allowing Skype to merge account information with Messenger and also Facebook (which has been available for a while now). Of course, there may be early …

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Sep 06 2012

Getting Internet Sharing to Work on Mountain Lion

My wife is over in Denmark by herself at the moment but wanted to share her in room internet connection (a cabled Ethernet connection) to her other devices over Wi-Fi. She had recently upgraded her MacBook Air to Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8) but had used internet sharing on that computer in the past on …

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Apr 15 2012

Panasonic 2012 Home Entertainment Launch – Smart Viera Highlights

Last night, I got along to check out the new range of Panasonic televisions, recorders, players and Hi-Fi out at Dunbar House in Watson’s Bay, NSW. The venue was very swish with some tasty food on offer and it presented a setting similar to what you’d expect to experience when you’d be using home entertainment …

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