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Feb 01 2015

Google Earth Pro – Free!

Just a quick one for today. Google Earth Pro has been around for over a decade on desktop computers with its initial release all the way back in 2001 from Keyhole (which was a company funded by the CIA) under the name of EarthViewer 3D. It wasn’t until June 2005 after acquisition by Google did we see …

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Oct 14 2014

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Unboxing

Over the last couple of years it could be argued that Apple had been “overshadowed” by the advent of larger smartphones and phablets particularly in the Android ecosystem and, to a lesser extent, the Windows Phone ecosystem. However, this year Apple has responded by bumping the screen sizes of its iPhone 6 to 4.7″ and the iPhone 6 Plus …

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Oct 23 2013

Keeping Tabs on Australian Fires

At present, in Australia fires are tracked on a state and territory level which makes it hard to get a consolidated view at a national level to see what is going on. This might not be a big deal if your family, friends and properties are largely located in one state or territory but if …

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Oct 04 2013

Enabling the Large Player Size in YouTube

After a recent change you may have noticed the ability to toggle between the standard and large player sizes in YouTube has seemingly disappeared. You could be forgiven for thinking so but it has actually been moved into a menu. Just click the little cog icon in the bottom right of the video player window …

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Oct 03 2013

Perhaps the Simplest Way to Download YouTube Audio and Videos

It goes without saying that the legality of this service would be questionable unless you are dealing with creative commons content but it’d save you from downloading any software to perform the process. If you want to download video or audio from YouTube then all you need to do is add pwn to the front …

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Sep 18 2013

Panasonic SC-BTT880 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System Preview

Hopefully you managed to get a look at the unboxing video of the Panasonic SC-BTT880 3D Blu-ray home theatre system from yesterday so leading on from that I have a preview video to give you a closer look at the amplifier and remote units. I will try and get another video up on how the …

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Aug 22 2013

How to Tell Which Browser Tab is Playing Back a YouTube Video

Another quick tip. Sometimes you might just have a lot of time to kill and you end up with a whole stack of browser tabs containing YouTube videos that you want to watch. However, you might lose which tab has a video playing back if you’ve got a large number of them opened and you’d …

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Aug 15 2013

Handling NTLM Proxies on Android Without Rooting

This might be a bit of a bugbear if you’ve tried using your Android tablet on the Wi-Fi at work only to find that the corporate proxy server uses NTLM (NT LAN Manager) authentication instead of basic or plain text authentication. Android doesn’t have native support for NTLM authentication for proxy server which means that …

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Aug 04 2013

Incoming Gadget – Google Chromecast

Another short and sweet update. I missed out on the initial release but I have placed an order for Google’s new Chromecast product. In a nutshell, it’s a dongle that you plug into your television in a spare USB socket for power as well as an HDMI socket to send video and audio to the …

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Aug 02 2013

SkyDrive Gets a New Name

Just a short one for today. SkyDrive has been around for a while but has perhaps become more popular along with other cloud services given the ubiquity of fixed and wireless broadband connections. However, due to a trademark dispute, SkyDrive will have to find a new name after a run in with BSkyB. Personally, I …

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