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Dec 29 2013

Can’t Change Graphics Settings in GTA 4

It seems that Grand Theft Auto 4 has a bug in it when you attempt to play it on computers with video cards with more than 2GB RAM on board. GTA 4 ends up thinking that the computer has insufficient resources to play the game on anything other than the absolute lowest settings. This can …

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Dec 28 2013

Keep Tabs on Game Sales Prices

Another quick tip for the festive season. There are sales all over the place and sometimes a good deal now might be beaten by an even better deal to come. If only we kept tabs on prices so we might be able to anticipate changes in price! Well, if you’re into your PC video games …

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Dec 14 2013

Valve Releases SteamOS

It’s taken a little while but the first public release of SteamOS is here. Valve has made available two downloads of SteamOS on its website here – a default installation and a custom installation. Be careful though as both will end up completely wiping the computer on which you end up installing SteamOS. The installation …

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Dec 04 2013

What to do with Unwanted Steam Gifts

Sometimes it can be hard for people to work out what games you like on Steam if they don’t know you that well or just don’t know how to use it properly. Steam does have a neat wish list feature in it which can be viewed by others but I guess we can’t always rely …

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Oct 01 2013

Register for the Steam Hardware Beta

Here’s a quickie. If you don’t know, Valve are looking to kick off a Steam Hardware Beta and you’ve got a chance to participate by registering your interest, answering some questions and unlocking a couple of basic achievements. You can head on over here to find out how to get your name on the list …

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Aug 25 2013

Support Charity and Get Up to Ten EA Games

Deals like this don’t come around too often let alone to the benefit of charity. If you’re into gaming then you might want to head over to Humble Bundle where there is a bundle of games on offer. If you donate any amount over USD$1, you will get codes to unlock these games on Origin …

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Aug 01 2013

Skip the Intro Screen in Euro Truck Simulator 2

Quick tip for today. If you’re into Euro Truck Simulator 2 you might find having to sit through the intro screens a bit annoying. Sure, it’s only about ten or fifteen seconds but it can grind a bit when you just want to hop into the game and get going. Anyway, in a recent update …

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Feb 19 2013

Get Tux the Penguin in Team Fortress 2 on Windows

With Steam now officially available on Linux, Valve is celebrating with a free promotional for Team Fortress 2 in the form of a Tux penguin. If you use Windows then you might feel left out but if you really want a Tux penguin then you could always do the following: install Oracle VM VirtualBox, install …

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Feb 15 2013

Cities XL Platinum Sale on Steam

Here’s a quick tip for those Cities XL Platinum enthusiasts out there. It appears that Cities XL Platinum is going for 85% off on Steam at present bringing the price down from US$29.99 to US$4.50 for existing owners of Cities XL 2011/2012. Not a bad deal if you’ve been looking for a city simulation fix …

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Dec 14 2012

Steam’s Big Picture Looks Awfully Familiar

Just wanted to share an observation regarding Steam and one of its latest updates. In the top right hand corner of the Steam client on Windows there is something that says “BIG PICTURE” with four arrows surrounding it just adjacent to the three icons representing the different views available. Of course, being curious about it …

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