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Sep 11 2013

Billion BiPAC 7800DXL Router Modem Unboxing

Leading on my article from yesterday I had to replace my old Dynalink RTA1025W ADSL2+ router modem given that it no longer worked. Even after having the line speed reduced on the DSLAM did nothing so out I went and fetched the Billion BiPAC 7800DXL router modem. Unboxing video is below: This router modem has …

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Sep 10 2013

Rationalising Network Hardware

Well, as luck would have it on a day when I am working from home the ADSL router modem bites the dust but fortunately I had a couple of 3G connections as backup. The trusty old Dynalink RTA1025Wjust couldn’t manage to sync up to the exchange anymore and would have pushed at least a couple …

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Sep 02 2013

International Data Roaming on the Cheap with Prepaid Abroad

In a week my wife will be going on a trip to Denmark and of course she will be taking her iPhone and iPad both as a means to stay in touch and capture highlights along the way. However, Denmark doesn’t seem to have any great local deals for data packs and none of the …

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Jun 24 2013

Panasonic AX2 Business Rugged Convertible Ultrabook Unboxing

The unboxing videos keep on rolling! So far in the last week I’ve been very lucky to unbox: the Panasonic HC-X920M 3D camcorder, the Pebble smartwatch, the Ouya Android-based console. This time around, we get back into mainstream computing with an ultrabook from Panasonic that you probably haven’t seen in the shops. Panasonic isn’t well …

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Jan 27 2013

Huawei E589 4G Mini Wi-Fi Modem Unboxing

Here is the unboxing video for the Huawei E589 4G Mini Wi-Fi modem! It’s about the size of a deck of cards and is small enough to pop in your pocket or handbag while still keeping your other devices connected. I’ve not yet tested battery life but I’ll get a better idea in the coming weeks. …

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Dec 19 2012

A Smarter Cellular Modem

In previous articles, I have written about cellular modems and their usefulness but beyond providing a connection to the internet they don’t do much else. When you next upgrade your smartphone then you might want to consider hanging on to your old handset and using it as a cellular modem with a mobile broadband SIM …

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Nov 14 2012

Mark a Wi-Fi Network as Metered Under Windows RT

One very handy feature in Windows RT is its ability for apps to be more sensible about their network usage through awareness of metered connections. Most often these will be cellular connections (i.e. 3G or 4G dongles) but sometimes they can be Wi-Fi connections such as a cellular hotspot with Wi-Fi. By default, Wi-Fi networks …

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Oct 23 2012

Cellular Data Options for Microsoft Surface

With a pre-order for the Microsoft Surface locked in I have been considering how to get cellular data working in a convenient and efficient manner. So far, I have come up with the following options: 3G USB modem Pros: removes the need for an independent modem and power supply, no need for new hardware (already have …

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Jun 14 2012

Keeping the Family Connected in Transit

As someone who does undertake several long haul drives every year (usually between Sydney and Melbourne or Sydney and the Gold Coast) it is handy to be able to maintain an internet connection for all of my devices while in transit. For instance, my iPad doesn’t work that well in regional areas given that it …

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Oct 31 2011

Why Voice is a Peril for Google

Since the iPhone 4S came out Siri, the enhanced voice control functionality found only on the iPhone 4S (for the time being), has become a a focal point for the state of the art of speech recognition. With smartphones packing quite a punch in terms of CPU power and access to the cloud becoming ubiquitous …

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