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Nov 30 2013

Latest Facebook Beta for Windows Phone

If you’ve not yet checked out the latest beta of the Facebook app for Windows Phone then you might want to look now. In the latest update, the Facebook Beta app sees almost instant notifications and private messaging which is a welcome change from the rather slow, sporadic or simply broken notifications functionality in prior …

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Nov 08 2013

Prevent Automatic Updates to Metro Apps in Windows 8.1

Another quick Windows 8.1 tip. A new feature in the latest iteration to Windows is the ability for Metro apps to automatically update. This has been a feature in Android for a while and more recently in iOS. Sure, it doesn’t take too much effort to go and see if there are updates available and …

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Oct 09 2013

Backing up to the Cloud with CrashPlan

Another quick update this time regarding data backups. At home we run a Windows Home Server which centrally stores our data whilst backing up our computers. I do take periodic backups of the server using standard hard drives which I store offsite but I have been wanting to have a cloud backup solution as well …

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Aug 07 2013

Not All Versions of Office 365 Include Phone and Tablet Apps

I am a user of Office 365 and being able to get access to my mail and documents on the go from my Windows devices has been rather invaluable. The hosted Exchange mail account is the big goal kicker for me but SharePoint is very handy particularly after the platform update to the equivalent level …

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Aug 04 2013

Incoming Gadget – Google Chromecast

Another short and sweet update. I missed out on the initial release but I have placed an order for Google’s new Chromecast product. In a nutshell, it’s a dongle that you plug into your television in a spare USB socket for power as well as an HDMI socket to send video and audio to the …

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Jul 10 2013

Play Candy Crush Saga Without Waiting For Extra Lives

Here’s a quick tip if you’re addicted to Candy Crush Saga. It can be a pain using up all your lives on a particular level and then having to wait for your lives to replenish before having another crack. This can be frustrating given that these “lives” are essentially virtual goods that cost nothing to …

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May 23 2013

Incoming Gadget – Asus Google Nexus 7

Yes, I know – I already have a tablet in the form of a Microsoft Surface Windows RT tablet but in order to test out some of the integration features of some new Panasonic products coming my way (particularly the television, tough camera and 3D camcorder) I required either an iOS or Android device. I already …

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May 18 2013

An Instagram App for Windows Phone That’s Good Enough

Like it or lump it, some Windows Phone users are still lamenting the ongoing absence of Instagram for Microsoft’s smartphone operating system. There are plenty of “read only” apps that will let you browse the photos of your friends but none of them allowed you to upload your photos to the service. That changed this week. …

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Apr 20 2013

Remunerator App for Android and iOS

This is mainly for people in Australia who have vehicles under novated lease with Remunerator. If you’ve got an Android or iOS device you can now track your account specifics such as your projected odometer readings, recent transactions as well as lodging reimbursement claims using their handy new app. I tried this out earlier in …

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Mar 20 2013

XBMC Remote Solutions

Well, it looks like Raspbmc is a winner at home and it interfaces just fine with our home server with the convenience of being controlled through our standard television remote over HDMI. Once setup it is a cinch to navigate and get your favorite content going on the big screen. However, we only have one television remote …

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