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A couple of days ago I found that my replacement Kindle DX which I had in my possession for just two weeks succumbed to the screen failure issue that the original Kindle DX suffered. Needless to say I was a bit annoyed by this turn of events as I had not even had the chance to start reading a book on the replacement Kindle DX but fortunately I was well within the standard twelve month warranty. This happened on the day I was going to organise to send back the first Kindle DX.

Anyway, I remembered seeing a “Call Me” service on the Amazon website and thought I’d give it a try this time around. The first time, I had called Amazon from my mobile directly as I had included international call credit which I thought I would use but after churning to Amaysim I no longer have international calls included in my monthly cap.

So how does “Call Me” work?

It’s rather simple. Simply browse to the Contact Us section of the Amazon site (under “Help” up the top and then the yellow “Contact Us” button on the right hand side). In my case, I selected “Kindle” as the topic with which I required help, selected my Kindle DX as the device and chose “Kindle Device” from the drop down menu as well as some further information about the issue.

Amazon - Contact Us

Amazon - Contact Us

Then I just clicked on the “Call us” button. On the following screen, just choose your country, type in your phone number and click “Call me now”.

Amazon - Call Us

Amazon - Call Us

If everything goes according to plan then your phone should ring almost immediately and you’ll be talking to Amazon about your problem. The only drawback I noted was that this service isn’t available to Australian mobile phones so you’ll need to use a fixed line phone instead for this call. That said, I assume Amazon are using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to minimise the expense for themselves.

I certainly hope that no one has to call Amazon to report a faulty device but it will happen and this is a great way to spare yourself the expense of international calls just to get a bit of help when you need it.

Anyway, fingers crossed about the “replacement replacement” Kindle DX – third time’s a charm!


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