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Oct 14 2014

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Unboxing

Over the last couple of years it could be argued that Apple had been “overshadowed” by the advent of larger smartphones and phablets particularly in the Android ecosystem and, to a lesser extent, the Windows Phone ecosystem. However, this year Apple has responded by bumping the screen sizes of its iPhone 6 to 4.7″ and the iPhone 6 Plus …

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Oct 20 2013

Apple iPhone 5S Unboxing

Well, it was time for my wife to upgrade her smartphone which saw the iPhone 4S replaced with the iPhone 5S. The replacement was somewhat of a necessity given a very annoying quirk with the iPhonewhere the volume would turn down by itself (both music and phone calls) which was a constant annoyance. Apparently, the …

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Aug 04 2013

Incoming Gadget – Google Chromecast

Another short and sweet update. I missed out on the initial release but I have placed an order for Google’s new Chromecast product. In a nutshell, it’s a dongle that you plug into your television in a spare USB socket for power as well as an HDMI socket to send video and audio to the …

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Jul 19 2013

Copy Your Music off an iPod Without iTunes

iTunes can certainly present a challenge when syncing content to your iPod but can be unforgiving if you need to get content off an iPod which has not been associated with a given computer. Most people would give up thinking their music is unable to be retrieved and proceed to wipe their iPod and start …

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Feb 14 2013

How to Increase and Decrease Volume by Quarter Steps in Mac OS X

Up until Mac OS X Lion you could use a handy shortcut to increase and decrease the system volume by quarter steps by doing the following: Option + Shift + Volume Up to increase volume by a quarter step, Option + Shift + Volume Down to decrease volume by a quarter step. But what if you are …

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Feb 02 2013

Clear the Safari Cache on iOS

Here’s a quick tip for iOS users if you need to clear the Safari browser cache in iOS. This can be handy if a website isn’t rendering properly or if you’re doing some web development and the cached page is stuck in your device. From the home screen: tap Settings, tap Safari, tap Clear Cookies and Data. Hit …

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Jan 31 2013

Watch Out for Cheap Lightning Cables

A few weeks ago I got my wife a few cheap lightning cables off eBay but there have been a couple of quirks with them. First up, they only seem to charge the iPad mini when connected one particular way. Connecting it lightning plug the opposite way results in no change flowing into the device. Perhaps …

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Jan 30 2013

An Alternative Way to Hang Up Calls on iPhone

Here’s a tip that you might find handy particularly if you get a lot of foreground notifications that block your ability and must be dismissed prior to hitting the “end call” button. You can actually hang up phone calls by pressing the lock/power button on the top of the iPhone. For some, this may be …

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Jan 29 2013

Self Serve at the Apple Store

During the long weekend, my wife had to buy a new pair of earphones and found out that the Apple Store in Hornsby had them in stock. We paid a visit to complete this fairly straightforward transaction. Anyway, we found out that you can actual serve yourself using the Apple Store app found in the App Store. …

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Jan 19 2013

Make Your Own iPad Mini Dock with Flybridge

My wife was trying to find an official dock solution for her iPad mini but surprisingly Apple has not brought out anything that will physically prop it up and provide charge at the same time. Look no further than Flybridge. It’s a new Kickstarter campaign to fill the void left by Apple allowing you to …

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