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Keep Informed on Product Recalls

Not all electronic devices are created equally and sometimes, due to poor manufacturing or lack of testing, product recalls are necessary to correct these defects. Companies may take out newspaper ads, attempt to contact customers based upon their product registration details and perhaps even television ads (if they are brave). Anyway, there is something you …

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Check Your Laptop as HP Extends Battery Recall

Here’s a heads up for those of you out there with HP laptops that are a few years old. As is usually the case with battery recalls most are undertaken as a precaution to avoid widespread fire hazards, overheating and explosions from occurring. Unfortunately, unless the message is broadcast from manufacturers direct to consumers or …

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Product Recalls – Worthwhile or Inconvenient?

A little while back, Dyson issued a safety notice regarding its DC05 Motorhead vacuum cleaner. In a nutshell, electrical contacts in the vacuum hose could be exposed as a result of cracking or detachment on the handle. As a sign of good will, Dyson offered customers two choices: Receive a replacement part free of charge, …

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