Boydo’s Kindle DX Goes to Heaven

Well, just a few days out of warranty my Kindle DX went to heaven after suffering a fatal screen failure.

Kindle DX - Screen Failure

Kindle DX - Screen Failure

Unfortunately, I was unable to get a free replacement unit (which is fair enough given that I am outside the warranty period) but my wife was able to get her Kindle replaced a few days inside the warranty expiry with no issues at all. Maybe I should have checked my Kindle in the days leading up to the end of the warranty to double check that it was okay.

Anyway, I am getting a replacement shipped out for $150 (that’s 40% of the regular cost) and will be sending back the broken one. I have read reports though that other people with Kindles out of warranty have been replaced free of charge but I suspect that they spent much more on content and other stuff through Amazon so it was worth Amazon shouting them a free replacement.

It’s also got me looking around for a better protective solution for my Kindle DX so if you have any recommendations I’d be glad to hear them!

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