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Kindle Pick – 10 Billion by Stephen Emmott

10 Billion by Stephen Emmott

I am the absolute first to admit that I am not a bookworm. I am very picky about the books that I will read and usually they have some sort of a technology or mathematical angle to them. If the subject matter doesn’t really fit into my interests I can find it hard to stay …

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Another Milestone – One Thousand Articles and Counting

It’s been a big week and a big year for the blog. Not too long ago the blog racked up 1000,000 visits and well over 100,000 pageviews in the process which was quite pleasing for something that started out as a way to keep me in the rhythm of writing in between university semesters and …

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Call Me – Save Yourself a Call to Amazon

A couple of days ago I found that my replacement Kindle DX which I had in my possession for just two weeks succumbed to the screen failure issue that the original Kindle DX suffered. Needless to say I was a bit annoyed by this turn of events as I had not even had the chance to start …

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Boydo’s Kindle DX Goes to Heaven

Well, just a few days out of warranty my Kindle DX went to heaven after suffering a fatal screen failure. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a free replacement unit (which is fair enough given that I am outside the warranty period) but my wife was able to get her Kindle replaced a few days …

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Share Book Quotes From Your Kindle to Twitter and Facebook

In my wanderings through the Kindle DX manual I came across a feature that I found quite intriguing in the form of being able to link your Kindle to social networking sites (at this stage Twitter and Facebook). I thought was a great little feature as I could share interesting or, more likely, humourous passages …

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A Closer Look at the Kindle E Ink Display

Amazon Kindle DX - Closer Look

A few days ago I got some feedback from someone who wanted to see what a PDF document looks like on the E Ink display.  E Ink is renowned for its readability and high contrast without the use for a backlit like traditional LCD or LED based displays which can cause eye discomfort after prolonged usage. However, …

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Amazon Kindle DX (Second Generation – Global 3G) Preview

A few days ago I published the unboxing video for the Amazon Kindle DX (second generation global 3G model) Today, I recorded the preview video to show you around the Amazon Kindle DX and you’ll get a look at its larger E Ink display. I’ll also show you some of the experimental features including text to …

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Amazon Kindle DX (Second Generation – Global 3G) Unboxing

It took nine days but my new Amazon Kindle DX (Second Generation – Global 3G) arrived in the mail today (which was faster than the six weeks it took for my wife to receive her Amazon Kindle (Third Generation). I did manage to hold in my excitement and urge to rip open the box at …

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Incoming Gadget: Amazon Kindle DX

Just a quick note for tonight. My amazing wife has spoilt me (yet again) by ordering an Amazon Kindle DX (second generation model). This is the bigger brother to the third generation Kindle which has been unboxed and previewed previously on the blog. I’m planning on using it for my various reference materials that come …

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