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Call Me – Save Yourself a Call to Amazon

A couple of days ago I found that my replacement Kindle DX which I had in my possession for just two weeks succumbed to the screen failure issue that the original Kindle DX suffered. Needless to say I was a bit annoyed by this turn of events as I had not even had the chance to start …

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Obtain Full HD Video Calling with Skype

A lot of people use Skype to stay in touch with friends and loved ones and sometimes the video quality can be let down by a number of things including: poor bandwidth (slower connections will only support lower resolution video), poor connectivity between you and the other party on the call, lower quality or less …

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Try the Skype Beta for Windows Phone

Okay Windows Phoners, you’ve been hanging out for this for a while and now there is light at the end of the tunnel. Skype for Windows Phone is now in beta as per this announcement on the Windows Phone Blog and you can try it out for yourself. However, it seems to be region locked perhaps to …

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Skype Video Calling Comes to (Some) Android Devices

Slowly, but surely, the Skype client on Android is catching up with the one found on the iPhone in terms of functionality. As of today, Skype for Android now supports video calling on a number of devices, including: Google Nexus S, HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia neo, Sony Ericcson Xperia pro. However, there are …

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Uninstall and Remove EasyBits GO

EasyBits GO Uninstallation - Step 2

Following on from my previous article about EasyBits GO riding on the coattails of the most recent Skype update it appears that there is now an official removal tool from EasyBits Media. In a statement released from EasyBits media they have released a new tool to uninstall this software from affected computers. Running the tool …

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Video Calling in Android 2.3.4… When You Can Get It

Here’s a potential incentive to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Android on your handset (manufacturer or third party ROM availability permitting of course). Whilst video calling isn’t a new invention by any means with many first generation 3G phones offering choppy (and expensive) video calling we are starting to see it make …

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Where Did “EasyBits Go” Come From?

EasyBits GO Game Organiser

Over the last two days, an increasing number of users of Skype have noticed that software going by the name of “EasyBits GO” has been installed on their computers primarily due to a shortcut appearing on their desktops. Double clicking on the shortcut brings up a game organiser window similar to the below:   Whilst …

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Fix Those Constant Skype Crashes

Over the last couple of days a lot of people have been encountering issues with trying to sign into Skype with either their client crashing almost immediately upon sign in or shortly thereafter. This has affected not only Windows clients but also Mac and Linux clients as well. Fortunately, Skype has released an update for …

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Huge Security Hole in Skype for Android

A quick heads up for tonight. If you use Skype for Android (like myself) then you should probably be made aware of a major security hole that can reveal a significant amount of personal information from Skype, including: Username, E-mail address, Gender, Contact List and their information. I have included a video sourced from YouTube …

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Diagnose Dataflow Problems: The Traceroute

Traceroute with Unresponsive Hop

Leading on from yesterday’s post about how to do a ping test we move on to another test which might uncover more information about where dataflow problems may be occurring. In a nutshell, a traceroute shows you all of the various entities (also known as “hops”) on the Internet that sit between you and a …

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