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Get a Better Mobile Plan in Thailand

Samsung Galaxy S III

Just been on holidays in Thailand for about a week and with any international trip there is the issue of remaining in touch with those back home just in case. Using your mobile overseas can be costly and while there are alternatives such as Truphone¬†sometimes the local offering may be even better. Upon reaching the …

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Keeping the Family Connected in Transit

As someone who does undertake several long haul drives every year (usually between Sydney and Melbourne or Sydney and the Gold Coast) it is handy to be able to maintain an internet connection for all of my devices while in transit. For instance, my iPad doesn’t work that well in regional areas given that it …

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Find a Better Mobile Plan on the Same Mobile Network

Here’s a quick tip for tonight. In Australia, we’re fortunate that we have a few major carriers with their own networks from which to select but also there are a variety of MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) who resell the network access to the major carrier networks but often with different pricing plans. This can …

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Translator for Windows Phone 7

Translater - Panasonic Headphone Manual (German to English)

Here’s something that travellers might find handy if they find themselves in a bind. Microsoft has quietly developed an app that offers translation of typed text,¬†optically¬†recognised text (i.e. using your camera) and voice while using the power of its Bing platform to do the translation for you. Sure, there have been a few apps out …

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How to Check a Website’s Availability

Quick tip for tonight. Sometimes you might not be able to reach a particular website for one of many reasons, including: the website being down for maintenance, the website being flooded, a link between you and the website going down. It’s hard to tell unless you have another internet connection handy (like a mobile phone …

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Why I Reckon There Will Never Be a Facebook Phone

I have been sitting on this one for a while to allow appropriate time for stewing but I think it’s about time for it to come out out of the oven. I don’t think we’ll ever see a Facebook phone. There has been recurring speculation in the media about a Facebook phone and while Mark …

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Cut Your Mobile Roaming Costs with Truphone

For some of us international travel doesn’t come around that often but if anything is certain mobile roaming costs can blow a serious hole in your budget if you don’t tightly control your phone calls (both inbound and outbound) as well as your data usage (which can be frightfully expensive at $20 per megabyte). Whilst …

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Nokia Wises Up to Their Shrinking Market

For many years it has been widely acknowledged that Nokia, once the world leader in mobile phones and technology, has become nothing more than a random handset generator that uses a combination of numbers and letters to label its phones (possibly using a random alphanumeric value generator). Whilst there are Nokia handsets that are fit …

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Call Conferencing Now Available on Optus Mobiles

Mobile Call Conference on Optus

Here’s a tidbit of information that some of you might find handy which went under the radar last month. I’ve always had an interest in phones and phone systems along with finding out how they work. Occasionally, I have played practical jokes on people by working out quirks in a phone system (such as enabling …

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Samsung Galaxy S – Unleash the Potential with Darky’s ROM

A while back I decided to try something new when the time came to get a new phone after having owned an iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. During 2010, I had picked up an iPad so changing to a new platform for my new mobile was not throwing away my relatively small investment in iOS …

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