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iOttie Easy Flex Wireless Qi Charging Car Mount Review

Side view of the iOttie car mount where the USB cable is attached

Introduction Again, I want to thank MobileZap for sending out the iOttie Easy Flex Wireless Qi Charging car mount for me to review on my blog. This car mount was one of a number of solutions physically and technically suitable for my new Nokia Lumia 1520 – this is just one of the wider range of wireless chargers on …

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Nokia Lumia 1520 Case Reviews

Front View of the Lumia 1520 in the Melkco Case

Not too long ago I bought myself a new Nokia Lumia 1520 to replace my Lumia 920 which was still going strong but I just couldn’t resist the upgrade to a six inch screen offered by the 1520. Yes, I know for some people that is ludicrously huge (mind you, I didn’t go for the …

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Nokia Lumia 1520 Unboxing

For a while I have had my eye on the Nokia Lumia 1520 to replace my Lumia 920. The 6″ Full HD screen on the Lumia 1520 was hard to go past and, prior to the Windows Phone 8.1 update, I really dug the extra column of live tiles. Even though I could get the …

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Microsoft Buys Nokia’s Devices and Services Business

This is already major news but if you’ve been under a rock then Microsoft is acquiring Nokia’s smartphone business and a ten year license arrangement to use the Nokia brand on mobile phone products. Perhaps the major kicker is access to Nokia’s intellectual property which is important as the smartphone wars heat up on both …

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Finding the Nokia Pro Cam App on Windows Phone 8

A quick tip for those who have just upgraded to GDR2 + Amber on their Lumia handsets. One of the exciting apps that you can use with GDR2 + Amber is the Nokia Pro Cam app which gives you fantastic control over the white balance, ISO, manual focus and shutter speed amongst other things whilst …

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Going for Broke – Manually Upgrading a Lumia 920 to GDR2 + Amber

That’s it, I can’t be bothered waiting anymore. I like to think I am a pretty patient guy but I just don’t understand why Nokia Australia is releasing the country variant (i.e. unbranded) firmware for the Lumia 920 after the Telstra firmware has been released. Maybe Nokia is being extra cautious and conducting testing on …

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Keeping Tabs on the Latest Nokia Lumia Firmware Releases

Just a quick tip for those Nokia Lumia owners out there. If you want to see what the latest firmware is for your handset and whether or not it has been released from testing you can check out Nokia’s software update page. It breaks down availability by country, handset and carrier (or by country for …

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Pebble Smartwatch Unboxing

Pebble Smartwatch Colours

Well, it’s taken a year since the initial Kickstarter campaign to raise funds but this week I finally received one of the two Pebble smartwatches. Of course, people have received their Pebbles well before now but only in black with orange, white and grey being delayed. That said, Kickstarter backers were offered the ability to …

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Check for Updates on Your Unbranded Nokia Lumia

It looks like updates are now going out for Nokia Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8 particularly if you have an unbranded model so it pays to manually check for an update if you’re keen to try it out. Of course, your phone will automatically poll around once a week for updates but it never …

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The Modern Convenience of Wireless Charging

Since picking up my Nokia Lumia 920 I’ve not actually taken advantage of the wireless charging capabilities native to the device. A while ago I did write about the fact that I was checking out Qi wireless chargers and then eventually selected one off eBay given the relatively high cost of the official Nokia chargers. Even in …

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