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Goodbye Google and Facebook

While Google and Facebook might track your browsing across the internet, I’ve decided to remove all integrations with these services from my website.

Enable Tracking Protection in Mozilla Firefox

Here’s a quick tip that not only helps you maintain some privacy but may also increase browsing speed in Firefox as well. Recently introduced into Mozilla Firefox, there is a disabled capability which will be enabled in Firefox 39 (we’re on Firefox 36.0.5 at the time of writing). This functionality blocks all of those invisible …

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How to Close Your Instagram Account

Following on from yesterday’s article about how to backup your Instagram photos the next step for some may be to delete your Instagram account altogether. It’s very easy to do – just visit and, if prompted, login prior to verifying your attention to close your Instgram account. Be careful though as this is a one way process. …

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An Easier Way to Monitor Google Apps E-mail Accounts

This tip is aimed at those of you who are using Google Apps with your personalised domain name and want to monitor the e-mail communications conducted under each e-mail address. For a variety of reasons, it’s important to be able to keep track of the e-mail communications undertaken by each user. It could be that …

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It’s been a game of cat and mouse between regional governments around the world and people wanting to keep information flowing and free from restrictions and censorship imposed by local authorities. The web is proving to be something that governments do not fully or properly understand as they seemingly bend to the will of large …

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Disable Social Advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn - Manage Social Advertising Option

This might have gone under the radar for many people who use LinkedIn in terms of being opted in for “social advertising” on its service. In a nuthshell, your photo and name may be used in ads shown to other members of LinkedIn in relevance to companies and services when you make recommendations or follow …

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Hide Your Google Plus Profile From Search Engines

Changing Search Visibility Setting in Google Plus

As more and more people are trying out Google Plus a good number of them will be conscious of the default setting to make it visible in results generated by the various search engines. If you are one of those people, this is how you can change the search visibility of your profile to suit. …

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How to Report Telemarketers Ignoring the Do Not Call Register

In Australia, we’ve been lucky enough to have a Do Not Call Register legislated to hep reduce the number of telemarketing calls received on personal landlines, fax numbers and mobile numbers. People have experienced  varying effectiveness from a remarkable reduction in the number of telemarketing calls to little effect at all. At home, our single …

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Should Governments Request Removal of Police Location Apps?

This is not a new issue by any means but this topic has bubbled up to the surface again after four US senators wrote to Apple as well as RIM and Google to revoke apps that help people avoid police checkpoints. This was in response to a specific app called PhantomALERT that is at the …

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Secure Your Google Searches with SSL

A quick tip tonight. For a while, Google has allowed the use of SSL with its search product by manually visiting but this has not been widely advertised in the past. However, it seems for residents in the USA that this is now becoming the default search page when people are visiting the regular …

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