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Sep 04 2015

How to Install a Micro SD Card in an HP Proliant Microserver (Gen 8)

Recently, I bought ourselves a new microserver to replace our existing home server which I built six or seven years ago. It was a steal at AU$290 for the entry level HP Proliant Microserver (Gen 8) which ships with the Celeron G1610T CPU and without any hard drives or optical drive. Anyway, given that I …

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Sep 28 2013

Get the Most Out of USB 3.0 Flash Drives

This may seem obvious to technically minded people but given the similar look of standard USB ports you could forgive unsuspecting users for thinking that there is no difference between them all. However, if you look closely you can quickly work out which devices you should connect to which USB ports. If you see in …

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Aug 28 2013

GEEK – High Resolution USB DAC for Headphones

If you’re into your music you might of bought yourself a pair of really nice headphones and then connected them to your desktop or laptop computer. More often than not, computers will feature some sort of integrated audio solution (such as Realtek) which will do the trick but if you’re after a fantastic audio experience …

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Aug 23 2013

LockedUSB – A USB Charger Firewall

Public charging stations are popular overseas and whilst they may not be as mainstream in Australia they can still be handy if you know where to find one when your gizmos are shrieking about an imminent loss of power. However, particularly in light of information snooping in the USA with the likes of PRISM you …

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May 27 2013

Update – DisplayLink DL-195 USB DVI Adapter

Well, I did promise an unboxing for this gadget when it arrived but unfortunately it didn’t arrive in a box – just in a padded envelope. Furthermore, it has been promptly put to use at work after my new 27″ LCD monitor arrived (awesome!). Installation was fairly easy on my work issued Lenovo T520 as …

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Apr 26 2013

Bringing USB 3.0 to Higher Power Levels

Just a heads up that if you have USB 3.0 as a prerequisite for new devices then you might want keep your eyes peeled for a new revision to the specification. At the moment, USB 3.0 ports are limited to outputting 10 Watts (a combination of 5 Volts @ 2 Amps) but with the new …

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Apr 24 2013

Incoming Gadget – DisplayLink DL-195 USB DVI Adapter

Just a short update. I’ve ordered an unbadged DisplayLink DL-195 USB DVI adapter for use at work. I am still waiting for my new monitor to arrive but I hope to test it with my laptop and existing external screen when the adapter arrives. Also included in the box are DVI to HDMI and DVI …

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Feb 20 2013

Backup the Recovery Partition on Microsoft Surface

If you want to create a backup of the recovery partition on your Microsoft Surface to protect against it becoming corrupted on the device or if you want to free up the space used by the recovery partition then this quick guide may be of interest to you (as far as backing up the recovery …

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Oct 27 2012

How to Quickly Wipe a Device

This may seem obvious once pointed out but sometimes old habits die hard. Sometimes you might have a USB stick full of stuff that you are transferring from one computer to another as it is the most convenient method for the job. However, once those files have been copied over you would probably want to …

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Aug 17 2012

Test Your Media Before Upgrading

In my haste to upgrade to Windows 8 I forgot to test my USB installation drive and it wasn’t until it was too late that I had already wiped my SSD (and Windows 7) leaving the Windows 8 ISO stranded on the hard drive. It seems that my motherboard just doesn’t want to boot off …

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