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Diagnose Dataflow Problems: Potential Issues on the Local Computer

Leading on from the last couple of posts outlining how to do a ping test and a traceroute to attempt to troubleshoot dataflow issues there are also some other things to look out for as common offenders on your own computer. These may or may not apply in all situations nor is this an exhaustive …

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Diagnose Dataflow Problems: The Traceroute

Traceroute with Unresponsive Hop

Leading on from yesterday’s post about how to do a ping test we move on to another test which might uncover more information about where dataflow problems may be occurring. In a nutshell, a traceroute shows you all of the various entities (also known as “hops”) on the Internet that sit between you and a …

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Diagnose Dataflow Issues: The Ping Test

Suboptimal Ping Test Results

Some time yesterday evening, the ADSL connection at home started playing up. Usually, our connection is quite solid save for a few hiccups back in the TPG network so my first thought was that this was just another one of those hiccups. However, this was not the case in this instance. Anyway, there are some …

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Common Treatments for Lack of Dataflow on Mobile Devices

Another quick one for tonight. For the techies amongst us this post should come as no surprise but for others who may struggle with these fancy mobile gizmos. Sometimes a smartphone or a tablet device will simply refuse to load webpages or send and receive e-mail. Try as you might, repeatedly refreshing the page doesn’t …

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