WinAMP Winding Up

This might not be a big deal to people these days given the widespread support of MP3 audio but back in the 1990s MP3 was only just starting out when we had Pentium CPUs. My computer at the time was a Pentium 120MHz (not GHz) with 16MB RAM and a 1.2GB hard drive to give …

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WinAMP Goes Cross-Platform

Here’s a heads up for those Mac users out there. WinAMP is now available as a desktop application for Mac OS X including the ability to  sync with Android devices (something which has been lacking somewhat on Apple gear). The interface does differ somewhat from the traditional one found in the Windows version which is …

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Remedies for Stuttering Audio in Windows

Once upon a time, in order to get sound on your Windows computer you’d have to buy and install a sound card of which the most popular were the Sound Blaster line of cards from Creative Labs. Back in those days, The CPUs inside your computer had more than enough to do running Windows while …

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Where Did “EasyBits Go” Come From?

EasyBits GO Game Organiser

Over the last two days, an increasing number of users of Skype have noticed that software going by the name of “EasyBits GO” has been installed on their computers primarily due to a shortcut appearing on their desktops. Double clicking on the shortcut brings up a game organiser window similar to the below:   Whilst …

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Save Battery Life on Android – Check Background Services

Android Battery Statistics

Whilst Android had the one up on iOS for a while with its multitasking ability with user applications it did come with a few drawbacks one of which was an impact to battery life. This can occur when you leave applications running without quitting them or when an application has a background service component that …

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WINAMP for Android Released!

From what I have gathered reading numerous forums and blogs, finding a good media player has been somewhat a quest for the holy grail for Android users. DoubleTwist has been popular as it can be paired up with client software on a regular computer for content management however it has not been without its problems …

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