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WinAMP Goes Cross-Platform

Here’s a heads up for those Mac users out there. WinAMP is now available as a desktop application for Mac OS X including the ability to  sync with Android devices (something which has been lacking somewhat on Apple gear). The interface does differ somewhat from the traditional one found in the Windows version which is …

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Where Did “EasyBits Go” Come From?

EasyBits GO Game Organiser

Over the last two days, an increasing number of users of Skype have noticed that software going by the name of “EasyBits GO” has been installed on their computers primarily due to a shortcut appearing on their desktops. Double clicking on the shortcut brings up a game organiser window similar to the below:   Whilst …

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Cross-Platform Instant Messaging – Do We Really Need It?

I have used various forms of instant messaging over the years and as one service has come to the fore others have paled into former shadows of themselves. For me, it all started with ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) before MSN Messenger really started to absorb users in the later half of 1999 and the following …

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MySpace – If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

An interesting development that took my interest today was news of MySpace wanting to cooperate with other social media sites in a bid to remain relevant in this highly competitive sector. In particular, MySpace wants to share content with both Facebook (a direct competitor) and Twitter. This move comes after news that AOL is looking …

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