Obtain Full HD Video Calling with Skype

A lot of people use Skype to stay in touch with friends and loved ones and sometimes the video quality can be let down by a number of things including:

  • poor bandwidth (slower connections will only support lower resolution video),
  • poor connectivity between you and the other party on the call,
  • lower quality or less capable webcams (most didn’t support HD video and fewer still supported Full HD video),
  • software limitations (Skype only supported HD video).

Anyway, with the latest Skype 5.8 update you can now get access to Full HD video (1080 x 1920) calls which is great if your broadband connection can support it and you have the right webcam (of which the Logitech C920 is capable according to the Skype website). Provided that everything does its job properly you can obtain high quality video conferencing capability for relatively low cost.

For the rest of us though, it’s business as usual until you upgrade your webcam and make sure your internet connection is up to task but those on the NBN and high end cable connections should have relatively few issues with their connections.

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