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Feb 03 2015

Incoming Gadget – Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

I’ve been a fan of the Raspberry Pi since I was initially intrugued by the size of the board, its capabilities and also its price. Admittedly, I’ve mainly used my two Pis as media centre units but have also dabbled with other uses such as motion sensing when we’re not at home and simple file …

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Jul 04 2012

How to Install XBMC on Raspberry Pi

I know a few people have been awaiting this video so here you go! Following on from a prior post, I’ve had some time to muck around with the Raspberry Pi and after a quick play with one of the suggested Linux distributions I thought I’d try something more interesting such as XBMC. Being able …

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Jul 02 2012

XBMC for Raspberry Pi

For the first time since last Monday, I’ve had a chance to start tinkering with the Raspberry Pi. I had to borrow an SD card from one of my cameras but will buy another one to sit permanently in the RPi. I did burn one of the suggested Linux distributions to the SD card just …

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Jun 26 2012

Raspberry Pi (Model B) Unboxing and Preview

This morning, I was surprised to receive a package at work (which is unusual first thing on a Monday morning). Anyway to my surprise it was the Raspberry Pi that I had ordered just over three months ago – awesome! Now, when this computer was described as tiny they really meant it. This thing has a footprint smaller …

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Mar 15 2012

Incoming Gadget – Raspberry Pi

A quick heads up for tonight. I have had my eyes on an interesting credit card sized computer called the Raspberry Pi. It’s an ARM-based computer (similar to the CPUs found in phones and tablets these days) and is designed to run Linux. It’s also low cost as well with Model A costing around AU$30 …

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Feb 11 2012

Windows on ARM Comes with Office 15 Baked In

For people seriously considering a Windows 8 tablet as their next tablet OS here is something that might sweeten the deal a bit. While the iPad has built in viewing capabilities for Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slidepacks the ability to edit them as part of the base operating system is absent. The …

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Jun 03 2011

ARM CPUs and Windows 8 – What Does it Mean?

It’s no secret now that Windows 8 is going to be compatible with ARM CPUs. This is an interesting move as the general belief in the technical ranks was that Microsoft would scale up Windows Phone to the tablet form factor rather than have another tilt at shoehorning its desktop operating system into low powered …

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Nov 30 2010

“Switch” for iPad – There Shouldn’t Be An App For That

My wife and I came across this article at SMH which skims over the prospect offered by yet another web browser for the Apple iPad. In a nutshell, Switch offers the ability for multiple users to maintain separate web browser profiles including bookmarks, passwords and history as well as a guest account for irregular users …

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Oct 12 2010

Microsoft Removes the Covers From Windows Phone 7

It’s been plastered all over the news today so it should come as no surprise Microsoft has officially unveiled its new Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. A range of devices were also announced at the launch of which some of the best were: Dell Venue Pro (sporting a hardware keyboard and 4.1 AMOLED screen), …

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