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Oct 14 2015

Keep the USB Drive Plugged In Error When Booting Windows

For some reason when you reboot your Windows computer you might see the following error: Keep the USB drive plugged in. Only remove it after your PC has shut down completely. Otherwise, your Windows To Go workspace might crash and you could lose data. The quick way to fix this is by editing the Windows …

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Aug 31 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review

Well, after owning my Surface Pro 3 for a couple of months (with half the time split between using Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 on it) I am now sharing my review.   It is a longer video but I cover off the following points: 0m00s: Look and feel, In a nutshell, Microsoft has done well in …

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Nov 22 2013

CHKDSK Under Windows 8

Since the early days of DOS, OS/2 and Windows NT, CHKDSK has been a one of the staple utilities to keep your file systems in good, working condition. It usually springs into action automatically after a dirty shutdown to make sure that everything is okay with the file systems and makes the necessary repairs if …

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Nov 11 2013

Resizing Start Screen Tiles in Windows 8.1

With the upgrade to Windows 8.1 comes the ability to access two new tile sizes in addition to the wide and medium sizes that were available in Windows 8. The large and small sizes are respectively four times larger and smaller than the medium size tile allowing you to get more live tile real estate or …

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Nov 08 2013

Prevent Automatic Updates to Metro Apps in Windows 8.1

Another quick Windows 8.1 tip. A new feature in the latest iteration to Windows is the ability for Metro apps to automatically update. This has been a feature in Android for a while and more recently in iOS. Sure, it doesn’t take too much effort to go and see if there are updates available and …

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Nov 07 2013

Shutdown Windows 8.1 Easily

Another quick Windows 8.1 tip. Back in Windows 8 it was a bit of a process to restart or shutdown your computer but fortunately with the return of the Start button in Windows 8.1 it is easier to perform the same function as follows: Right click the Start button, Click Shut down or sign out, Choose …

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Nov 06 2013

Unsquish Your Windows 8.1 Start Screen Tiles

Here’s a quick tip for Windows 8.1 users. If you’ve upgraded you may have found that your Start Screen tiles may have been squished down a bit depending upon your screen resolution. This can be a bit annoying if you want to use all of the screen real estate so there is an easy way …

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Nov 05 2013

Remove the Windows.Old Folder

Here’s a tip if you’ve upgraded to Windows 8.1. In some circumstances your upgrade may have backed up your old Windows installation into a Windows.Old folder in the C Drive. This can take up a lot of space particularly on smaller solid state drives where available capacity can be at a premium. If you want …

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Nov 03 2013

Windows 8.1 Upgrade on Panasonic AX2

Just an update on where I am at with the update to Windows 8.1 on my Panasonic Toughbook AX2. After trying various updated drivers, deleting my user account then establishing a new one, changing the default language to English (US) and deleting the C:\$WINDOWS.~BT folder I am just going for broke and resetting my ultrabook back …

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