XBMC for Raspberry Pi

For the first time since last Monday, I’ve had a chance to start tinkering with the Raspberry Pi. I had to borrow an SD card from one of my cameras but will buy another one to sit permanently in the RPi.

I did burn one of the suggested Linux distributions to the SD card just to check it out and it works but doesn’t do anything too exciting for those not into programming and hacking. I treated this more as an exercise to verify that my RPi was working before checking out other interesting things like XBMC for Raspberry Pi.

Anyway, for people looking for an easy to install XBMC solution for raspberry Pi then look no further than here. There is a version each for Windows (2000 and later),  Mac OS X (10.5 and later) and Linux so choose which one matches your operating system that will be burning the image.

Raspbmc Installer for Windows

Raspbmc Installer for Windows

Burning is fairly simple. Simply insert the SD card in an appropriate reader, attach it to the computer and then select that device from the list and click “Install”. If you attach the reader after loading the installer, just click “refresh” to make the drive appear. Raspbmc Installer will look after the rest including the download of the 50MB image and the burning process.

Once completed, eject your SD card from your computer and then put it into the Raspberry Pi to kick off the initial boot and setup process (but make sure you have an Ethernet cable connected before turning it on – more on this in the next post showing you how the Raspbmc setup pans out.

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