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Extracting Text from PDF Documents

Here’s a quick tip if you’ve needed to extract text from a PDF document. PDF files might not be easy to convert but if the PDF is of reasonably good quality (particularly if it is a scan of a hard copy). When you’ve got a hard copy and you’ve lost the electronic copy then you’re …

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Office 2013 – First Impressions

Last night I decided to try out Office 2013 – perhaps not the smartest thing to do just as the university semester is getting underway but I couldn’t help myself. Anyway, I just wanted to share my first impressions of it with you starting with the installation. First of all, the time between kicking off …

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AutoRecover – Not a Substitute for Saving

The nose is well and truly back to the grindstone as university kicks off again with what is likely to be my final semester of study for my Masters of Science in Information Technology. Whilst the semester itself doesn’t kick off until tomorrow I am wanting to get a good head start on the assessment …

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Windows on ARM Comes with Office 15 Baked In

For people seriously considering a Windows 8 tablet as their next tablet OS here is something that might sweeten the deal a bit. While the iPad has built in viewing capabilities for Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slidepacks the ability to edit them as part of the base operating system is absent. The …

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My Web Browser Text is Too Small!

A lot of us would have come across a situation where the text in our web browser just became twice as small for an unknown reason. With so many keyboard shortcuts and buttons on mice it can be hard to work out if you pressed a key or clicked on something by accident to create …

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Change the Default Document Format to Office 2003 in Office 2007 & 2010

Change the default document format in Office 2010

More people are making the switch to Office 2007 and Office 2010 however there are still those clinging on to older versions who are unable to open the newer Office 2007 formats (such as .docx and .xlsx which are differentiated from older versions with the extra “x” on the end of the file extension). I …

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Make Your Own PDF Documents

CutePDF Printer

Another quick one for tonight. At some point you may have written up a document which you want to share with someone but are wary of them tampering or altering your original content (perhaps even going to the extent of using it as their own). These could be PowerPoint slides or important Word documents. Otherwise, …

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Microsoft Office 2010 RTM – First Look

Microsoft Office OneNote 2010

For those who don’t know, Microsoft Office 2010 went RTM (which stands for “Released to Manufacturing” and means that the software has come out of testing and is finalised). So what’s new in this release? Office 2010 sees the new ribbon interface deployed to all of the applications in the suite. If you happened to …

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Begone Wretched Microsoft Works!

Have you ever bought a new desktop or laptop and it has come bundled with heaps of software that is useless, nags you to pay for a subscription or perhaps both? Admitedly, the first thing I do in such cases is format the hard drive and reinstall Windows. Sure, it’s a bit of work but …

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