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Check Your Router for Universal Plug and Play Vulnerability

In the news recently, it was discovered that a whole stack of consumer routers have copied and pasted Intel’s UPnP reference code into their router firmware. Unfortunately, the UPnP protocol was designed to be used on private networks in order to allow for the automatic configuration of port forwarding thus avoiding the need for regular …

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How to Install XBMC on Raspberry Pi

I know a few people have been awaiting this video so here you go! Following on from a prior post, I’ve had some time to muck around with the Raspberry Pi and after a quick play with one of the suggested Linux distributions I thought I’d try something more interesting such as XBMC. Being able …

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Make a Regular Computer an AirPlay Receiver for Free

AirPlay is one of those Apple standards that is beneficial when you have a lot of Apple kit but can be less convenient when you have a heterogeneous environment (so a mix of Apple and either Windows or Linux computers). This can be problematic if you want to use something like AirPlay to view content …

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