Incoming Gadget – Raspberry Pi

A quick heads up for tonight.

I have had my eyes on an interesting credit card sized computer called the Raspberry Pi. It’s an ARM-based computer (similar to the CPUs found in phones and tablets these days) and is designed to run Linux. It’s also low cost as well with Model A costing around AU$30 and the Model B (the one that I have bought) for AU$40.

You can find more on the system specs at the Raspberry Pi FAQs but the Model B packs in:

  • Broadcom BCM2835 SoC (System on a Chip – a combined ARM11 CPU and H.264 capable GPU),
  • 256MB RAM
  • 2 x USB ports,
  • Ethernet port,
  • HDMI port
  • SD card slot (no onboard storage),
  • RCA and audio outputs,
  • Micro USB power socket.

The model I have ordered comes without a case but they will become available later on.

Anyway, to keep things short, the Raspberry Pi was designed to be cheap enough to buy for kids to learn how to program (in this case the target programming language is Python but there’s nothing stopping other languages from being used). it’s a great way to introduce programming as a hobby or to challenge young minds that may be ahead of the learning curve at their stage of development.

Given that I’m a big kid I thought I’d get one and perhaps brush up on my programming skills and maybe even use this little thing as a media streaming device (once I work out how to do that). With the conclusion of my university studies approaching in terms of my Masters degree at the end of the year I’m looking for other things to keep me occupied (if I don’t find further studies appealing).

If you’re interested in getting a Raspberry Pi of your own you can order one from element14 Australia here but you might be waiting a little while for it.

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