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Three Ways to Extend Your Wi-Fi Network

The reality is these days is that not every house can be adequately covered by a single Wi-Fi access point given the building architecture and implemented technology. Whilst relocating a Wi-Fi access point could solve a problem you may face issues with having it close enough to your broadband modem to have it cabled up …

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XBMC for Raspberry Pi

For the first time since last Monday, I’ve had a chance to start tinkering with the Raspberry Pi. I had to borrow an SD card from one of my cameras but will buy another one to sit permanently in the RPi. I did burn one of the suggested Linux distributions to the SD card just …

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Debug Your Internet with Netalyzr

Here’s something for those network tweakers out there. if you want to do something a bit more than benchmarking the speed and latency of your internet connection then there is a great little utility that will perform an examination, give you some detailed results and also help university research at the same time. The ICSI …

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Remedies for Stuttering Audio in Windows

Once upon a time, in order to get sound on your Windows computer you’d have to buy and install a sound card of which the most popular were the Sound Blaster line of cards from Creative Labs. Back in those days, The CPUs inside your computer had more than enough to do running Windows while …

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Build Your Own Network Map in Windows

Network Map Utility in Windows 7

Here’s a quick tip for users of Windows 7. With the number of computers growing in homes and small businesses it can be hard to keep track of how things are connected without following all of the network cables and drawing up a schematic of the network. Now, maybe the dedicated amongst us would prefer …

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Panasonic 2011 Launch Event – Done and Dusted

Panasonic Product Lineup

I have just gotten back from the Panasonic 2011 launch event which allowed selected members of the Panasonic Insider Crew in for the first time with the media and major retailers. We were seated and presented to separately from the commercial folks at the Hoyts cinema complex at Fox Studios in Moore Park, NSW. I …

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Diagnose Dataflow Problems: Potential Issues on the Local Computer

Leading on from the last couple of posts outlining how to do a ping test and a traceroute to attempt to troubleshoot dataflow issues there are also some other things to look out for as common offenders on your own computer. These may or may not apply in all situations nor is this an exhaustive …

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Watch the IPv4 Countdown

Well, it’s bound to get some additional press over the next couple of weeks but as another heads up the IPv4 address space is gradually running out. I covered this previously where I touched on various predictions over the years of when the IPv4 address space would be exhausted and a few of the benefits …

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IPv4 Addresses: A Finite Resource

From time to time, you may have seen the newspapers (or their online counterparts) drag out a story about IP addresses running out accompanied by some sort of estimate as to when they will run out. It’s a cheap story to run and any non-technical journalist can get away with some basic coverage. Doing a …

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