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Mounting ISOs in Windows 8

Here’s another Windows 8 tip. With prior versions of Windows you would normally require third party software in order to mount ISO files as a native drive in Windows Explorer. This changes in Windows 8 with its ability to mount ISOs without additional software. All you need to do is the following: Locate the desired …

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Hacking a Burner’s Firmware

DVD Identifier - Shintaro BD-R Results

Following on from yesterday’s post I briefly outlined a problem that I was having with my LG GGW-H20L Super-Multi Blu-ray drive burning to a Shintaro single layer BD-R (Blu-ray disc recordable). In a nutshell, it seemed that my burner did not know how to handle the Shintaro BD-R discs when it came to burning so I …

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Encyclopaedia Britannica Goes Out of Print

This has been widely publicised already today but I thought it was a noteworthy event to record. The Encyclopaedia Britannica will cease its printing the 32-volume encyclopeadia after nearly a quarter of a millennium (244 years to be exact). You could have called the Britannica the old school version of Wikipedia which was updated once in what would …

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Bolster Your DOS USB Boot Disk – Part 1

File Conflict Warning

Yesterday, I walked through how to make your own DOS USB boot disk with the final result being a bootable USB stick that won’t do much more than let you browse the USB stick itself and other internal FAT and FAT32 drives. Today, we’ll make that USB stick a bit more useful. The first and …

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Panasonic 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre Sound System (SC-BTT755) Review

With a day to spare, I have completed the review video for the Panasonic SC-BTT75 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre Sound System. I received this system back in December last year and have put it through its paces across a range of activities including: CD audio playback, DVD videos, Blu-ray videos (3D and standard videos), regular …

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Mount Your ISOs Quickly with MagicDisc

If you download a lot of software (legally, mind you) sometimes they will come in the form of an ISO file which is basically an image of an optical disc (be it a CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc). Normally, these files had to be burnt to a physical disc before you could actually start installing …

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Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Preview

Yesterday, hopefully you would have seen the video unboxing of the Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (320GB model). Today, I recorded the preview video to show you around the console (in particular the stuff on the front, back and also the little flap to unscrew the hard drive should you wish to remove and replace it). I …

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Panasonic 3D Blu-ray Player (DMP-BDT300GN) Preview

Yesterday, I showed off the video unboxing the Panasonic 3D Blu-ray Player (DMP-BDT300GN). Today, I managed to record the preview video to show you around the hardware itself  (primarily the various interfaces on the back and what you can expect to find on the front) and also touch upon a couple of the major features of …

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SlySoft Discontinuing Lifetime Upgrades

It seems that many good things come to an end far sooner than we would expect or would hope. SlySoft, the creator of such software including CloneCD, CloneDVD and AnyDVD will be ceasing sales of software including free lifetime upgrades for software from 1 January 2011. Whilst this is disappointing news, this does mean you …

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Always Eject External Drives Before Removal

Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media

Over the course of my career where USB flash drives and external flash drives have become more commonplace (compared to the 1990s where floppy disks and compact discs were king) I have been shocked by the number of people that simply pull out a drive without first ejecting it. In some cases, this has lead …

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