Panasonic 3D Blu-ray Player (DMP-BDT300GN) Preview

Yesterday, I showed off the video unboxing the Panasonic 3D Blu-ray Player (DMP-BDT300GN). Today, I managed to record the preview video to show you around the hardware itself  (primarily the various interfaces on the back and what you can expect to find on the front) and also touch upon a couple of the major features of the device ahead of the formal review.

As with the previous video it is available in high definition for those of you who would like to watch in the best possible resolution.

As with the television, we now enter the review period where I will evaluate the Blu-ray as a device in its own right and in conjunction with the Panasonic Viera television. Whilst Blu-ray playback is the most obvious aspect to review, I’ll also check out its suitability for DVDs and CDs, its other media playback functionalities as well as other touches such as ease of user interactivity.

I will try and overlap the review period for the Blu-ray player with the television and release them around the same time.

If you are interested in the specifications of the television, knock yourself out:

  • Inputs:
    • Data & Storage:
      • Discs:
        • Bluray Disc (BD):
          • BD-Video
          • BD-R
          • BD-RE
        • Compact Disc (CD):
          • CD-DA (Music)
          • CD-R
          • CD-RW
        • Digital Versatile Disc (DVD):
          • DVD-Video
          • DVD-RAM
          • DVD±R
          • DVD±R DL
          • DVD±RW
      • Ethernet:
        • 10BASE-T / 100BASE-T
      • SD Card Slot:
        • SD, SDHC & SDXC cards supported
      • USB:
        • Devices with up to 128GB storage supported on FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32
        • Optional Wi-Fi accessory supported (802.11abgn @ 2.4GHz and 802.11an @ 5GHz)
    • Media & Social Connectivity:
      • DLNA
        • JPEG
        • MPEG2
      • Media Player:
        • AAC (unprotected)
        • AVCHD
        • DivX
        • JPEG
        • MP3 (unprotected)
        • MPEG2
      • Viera Cast
      • Viera Link
  • Outputs:
    • Audio & Video:
      • Coaxial
      • Component
      • Composite
      • Digital Audio (Optical)
      • HDMI x 2 (3D capable)
      • Surround Sound (5.1 & 7.1)
  • Power Consumption:
    • Full load: 32W
    • Quick Start Mode: 8.1W
    • Standby: ~0.2W

Stay tuned for the review!

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