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Beware of NTFS USB Drives and Encrypted Files

Perhaps an edge case for a lot of people out there but perhaps something worth considering if you have formatted your USB stick with NTFS rather than FAT or FAT32 or you use portable hard drives formatted with NTFS. Some corporations will enforce the use of folder encryption on your computer (rather than whole disk …

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Bolster Your DOS USB Boot Disk – Part 1

File Conflict Warning

Yesterday, I walked through how to make your own DOS USB boot disk with the final result being a bootable USB stick that won’t do much more than let you browse the USB stick itself and other internal FAT and FAT32 drives. Today, we’ll make that USB stick a bit more useful. The first and …

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Make Your Own DOS USB Boot Disk

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

This one might be a bit out there for the regular crowd out there but for those of us who grew up on the DOS command line (myself included) sometimes you need to get back to basics. Some faithful tools and utilities such as SpinRite only work in DOS and in order to use them …

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Voodoo Lag Fix for Samsung Galaxy S

Another quick one for this evening. The stock installation on the Samsung Galaxy S does suffer from lag and there have been a number of fixes that have gone some way to treat the symptoms but not the cause of the problem. Having said that, solutions such as “one click lag fix” in the Google …

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Always Eject External Drives Before Removal

Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media

Over the course of my career where USB flash drives and external flash drives have become more commonplace (compared to the 1990s where floppy disks and compact discs were king) I have been shocked by the number of people that simply pull out a drive without first ejecting it. In some cases, this has lead …

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