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A Way to Connect Headphones Without a Headphone Jack

An increasing number of televisions these days are forgoing the old 3.5mm stereo jack which you may have used to directly connect stereo headphones. There are times when you can’t have the volume up too loud and being able to use headphones makes watching television a little more practical compared to having the inbuilt speakers …

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Hacking a Burner’s Firmware

DVD Identifier - Shintaro BD-R Results

Following on from yesterday’s post I briefly outlined a problem that I was having with my LG GGW-H20L Super-Multi Blu-ray drive burning to a Shintaro single layer BD-R (Blu-ray disc recordable). In a nutshell, it seemed that my burner did not know how to handle the Shintaro BD-R discs when it came to burning so I …

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“About This Mac” Just Got Friendlier

Here’s another tidbit of information about Mac OS X Lion. If you are unaware, the “About This Mac” screen has been refreshed to be a bit more user friendly compared to versions of Mac OS X prior to Lion First up is the “Overview” screen which looks a bit cleaner and even includes a picture …

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Video Disc Rental – Extinction by 2020?

Today I came across an article in The Australian outlining the downgrade of Blockbuster credit rating to a level just above default in USA. The article also went on to detail cooperative marketing efforts between the Hollywood studios and the major cable operators to promote video-on-demand services. Bringing things back home to Australia within the …

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