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Windows Phone 7 and Google’s Artificial Limitation of Multiple Calendars

Disable JavaScript in Safari

If you happen to use more than one calendar in Google Mail or your corporate e-mail then you might have realised that Windows Phone 7 only seems to support the primary calendar for some reason over Exchange ActiveSync. This is despite other EAS compatible devices such as the iPhone and iPad having worked with multiple …

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Internet Explorer 9 – Beta Released Today

Internet Explorer 9 - Facebook Bookmark Jump List

Another short one for this evening. It’s been plastered on all the major news websites so you would have to have been blind to have missed it. The beta release of Internet Explorer 9 has been released today with much fanfare from Microsoft. I have to say that its performance so far has been fairly …

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Internet Explorer 9 Beta – Coming Soon

For those that regularly follow this blog, you will be aware that Microsoft is currently developing Internet Explorer 9 and has released a total of four “platform previews” to show the nerds and developers amongst us the progress made. Microsoft have been on a pretty tight schedule and have released a new preview once every …

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Firefox 4 Beta 1 – First Look

Firefox 4 (New Toolbar)

Firefox 4.0 has been a long time and for those who might not have been following its development could probably be forgiven for thinking that things have gone into a bit of a holding pattern recently. Thankfully, a beta release has emerged from Mozilla and I’ve taken a quick look at it. What you will …

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Smokescreen brings Flash Content to iPhone OS

Despite the prolonged stalemate between Apple and Adobe when it comes to Flash content on the Apple iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. A couple of guys, Chris Smoak and Simon Willison have come up with a JavaScript framework that essentially reads in a SWF file and turns them into animated SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files. …

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Internet Explorer 9 Preview – Second Release

JavaScript Benchmarks

Microsoft quietly released its second update to the Internet Explorer 9 Preview. I gave an overview of the first release here if you want to get up to speed on how the original preview performed. From a look and feel perspective, it looks very much the same. All of the usual toolbars and menus are …

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PDF Readers – Turn Off JavaScript

Unknown to many, PDF documents are becoming a popular vector for security exploitation. Just like MS Word documents were popular once upon a time for similar reasons with ¬†unprotected macros, PDF documents are gradually becoming more of a concern. So what is the main cause of this issue? JavaScript inside PDF documents is the culprit. …

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Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview

Internet Explorer 9

A preview of Internet Explorer 9 has been released to the public earlier this week to test the waters with early adopters. If you are keen to download a copy (which is a painless installation and can run side-by-side with your existing version of Internet Explorer), you can grab it here. Bear in mind, this …

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