The Verdict on Internet Explorer 11

As I wrote about earlier in the month, I thought I would give Internet Explorer 11 a go as my primary browser for the rest of the month. I was keen to see how well it would work given its compliance to most of the recent web standards and improved performance over prior versions and …

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Google Unveils Instant Live Search

We all know that Google has been interested in developing new products and capabilities and, by the same token, willing to cull products when they haven’t hit the mark. Google Instant is a new feature augmenting ┬áits popular search. Basically, it allows you to see your search results as your are typing your keywords and …

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Internet Explorer 9 Beta – Coming Soon

For those that regularly follow this blog, you will be aware that Microsoft is currently developing Internet Explorer 9 and has released a total of four “platform previews” to show the nerds and developers amongst us the progress made. Microsoft have been on a pretty tight schedule and have released a new preview once every …

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