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PDFSaM – Another Free PDF Split and Merge Solution

A while back I had recommended Adolix Split and Merge PDF as a solution but if you’re working with PDFs beyond fifty pages (specifically for splitting) then you need to pay for the full version. Well, I’ve found something that is functional although perhaps a bit slower. It’s called PDFSaM (where SaM stands for Split …

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Extracting Text from PDF Documents

Here’s a quick tip if you’ve needed to extract text from a PDF document. PDF files might not be easy to convert but if the PDF is of reasonably good quality (particularly if it is a scan of a hard copy). When you’ve got a hard copy and you’ve lost the electronic copy then you’re …

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Do It Yourself – Menus on the Go

Here’s a quick tip for tonight. Even though more and more restaurants and cafes are establishing their web presence these days they can often lack a menu. This can be a pain if you want to order some take away food but you want something other than the usual (if you happen to frequent a …

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Merge PDF Documents with Adolix Split and Merge PDF

Adolix Split & Merge PDF

Here’s a quick tip for tonight. Today, I had to find a tool to merge two PDF documents together without having to resort to using my work laptop with Adobe Acrobat on it (takes forever to boot up, getting the documents on there is time consuming and then when I get to work it’ll crash …

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Learn How to Copy Your Documents to Your Kindle

Kindles are very good for packing a stack of documents into a lightweight device but not everything comes in PDF format. Sure, you could send an e-mail to your personalised e-mail address for your Kindle and have your document (of a supported format) converted and transferred to your Kindle over 3G for a fee but …

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Track Expenses Electronically for Next Tax Time

Last night, I visited my accountant to go through the yearly ritual of the tax return. For some people, this might be a mind-numbing activity with onerous preparations involving that shoebox of receipts, tax invoices and other bits of paper that float around in various places. What made things easier for me this year was …

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Native PDF Rendering Coming to Firefox

Whilst I might hear a collective groan from the Google Chrome supporters out there (as Chrome has had native PDF rendering for a little while now) it should come as no surprise that Firefox is going to be offering the same functionality in the future. The good part about providing such functionality is that regular …

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A Closer Look at the Kindle E Ink Display

Amazon Kindle DX - Closer Look

A few days ago I got some feedback from someone who wanted to see what a PDF document looks like on the E Ink display.  E Ink is renowned for its readability and high contrast without the use for a backlit like traditional LCD or LED based displays which can cause eye discomfort after prolonged usage. However, …

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Incoming Gadget: Amazon Kindle DX

Just a quick note for tonight. My amazing wife has spoilt me (yet again) by ordering an Amazon Kindle DX (second generation model). This is the bigger brother to the third generation Kindle which has been unboxed and previewed previously on the blog. I’m planning on using it for my various reference materials that come …

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