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Adding Google as a Search Provider in Internet Explorer

It seems that when you attempt to add a search provider in Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10 that the option for Google does not appear at all (at least for me in Australia). A colleague of mine at work pointed this out when his work computer had the default of Bing but wanted to …

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Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2

It seems that not too long ago Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista and Windows 7 but Internet Explorer 10 is now in the process of being developed. In fact, it only took Microsoft less than a month to start talking about IE10 after the release of IE9. Microsoft is also stepping up …

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Fix Problems with Windows Update in Windows 7

Completed Windows Update Troubleshooting in Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with all sorts of built in troubleshooters that fix a variety of issues such as network connectivity problems and enabling the transparent glass effect on your desktop when it is not working. One major issue that people may come across is Windows Update not working properly or offering you updates which you …

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Add Real Time Spell Check to Internet Explorer

A quick tip for tonight. If you use Internet Explorer a bit (if there is anyone left) you may find the lack of spell check a bit of a pain (unless it is provided by a JavaScript function on a particular website). It’s somewhat amazing that such a feature has not made it into Microsoft’s …

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Microsoft Wants to Say Goodbye to Internet Explorer 6

It might be hard to believe but Internet Explorer 6 is still alive and kicking ten years after it was released. Whilst IE has come a long way in terms of speed and standards compliance particularly in IE9 previous version left a lot to be desired. Needless to say, hanging on to¬†decrepit¬†software and forcing websites …

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Microsoft Adding H.264 Back into Google Chrome

If the title of this article made you rub your eyes and gave you cause to double check to make sure you were reading what you thought you had read then I don’t blame you. Under normal circumstances you certainly wouldn’t expect Microsoft to develop or enhance a competing product. Unless of course there was …

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Learn How to Make App Tabs in Your Browser

App Tabs in Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 6

Just a quick tip for this evening. With Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 6 and also Google Chrome you have the ability to create an “app tab” (in Firefox speak) or a “pinned tab” (in Chrome speak). Basically, these are like sticky tabs that persist between browser sessions (i.e. when you close and reopen them) and …

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Internet Explorer 9 Beta – Coming Soon

For those that regularly follow this blog, you will be aware that Microsoft is currently developing Internet Explorer 9 and has released a total of four “platform previews” to show the nerds and developers amongst us the progress made. Microsoft have been on a pretty tight schedule and have released a new preview once every …

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