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Microsoft Adding H.264 Back into Google Chrome

If the title of this article made you rub your eyes and gave you cause to double check to make sure you were reading what you thought you had read then I don’t blame you. Under normal circumstances you certainly wouldn’t expect Microsoft to develop or enhance a competing product. Unless of course there was …

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Internet Explorer 9 Beta – Coming Soon

For those that regularly follow this blog, you will be aware that Microsoft is currently developing Internet Explorer 9 and has released a total of four “platform previews” to show the nerds and developers amongst us the progress made. Microsoft have been on a pretty tight schedule and have released a new preview once every …

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Flash – Absolute Necessity or General Nuisance?

If there is one thing that the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad have perpetuated in terms of arguments it is the necessity of Adobe Flash on a platform. Sure, Apple will have you believe that Flash is a resource hog (which may be true in certain implementations) but does it still hold any value? One …

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Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview

Internet Explorer 9

A preview of Internet Explorer 9 has been released to the public earlier this week to test the waters with early adopters. If you are keen to download a copy (which is a painless installation and can run side-by-side with your existing version of Internet Explorer), you can grab it here. Bear in mind, this …

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