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How to Resume YouTube Video Uploads

Here’s a quick tip if you upload videos to YouTube regularly or every now and then. It can be frustrating when you are uploading your video and it gets hopelessly stuck for whatever reason, particularly if it is a large video given that you can upload up to 20GB (provided your account is enabled for …

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Silverlight on the Rocks

Many people will have no idea what Silverlight actually is or what it does but for the rest of us it was the Microsoft’s attempt to compete with Adobe Flash which was never really unseated as the premier platform for Internet applications. Silverlight did see some usage in Windows Phone 7 but its future has …

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Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview

Internet Explorer 9

A preview of Internet Explorer 9 has been released to the public earlier this week to test the waters with early adopters. If you are keen to download a copy (which is a painless installation and can run side-by-side with your existing version of Internet Explorer), you can grab it here. Bear in mind, this …

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