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Maintaining Contact Syncing with Gmail on iOS Devices

Google is starting to flex its muscle a little bit in dumping Exchange ActiveSync for its Gmail service unless you are a paying customer or you have existing devices setup on a free basis. This might be problematic if you’re using a new iOS device or a Windows Phone handset in the future. At least …

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Cleanup Your Hotmail Contacts

Windows Live Mail - Cleanup Contacts

Here’s a quick tip for tonight. If you’ve had a Hotmail address for a while you might have accumulated a lot of addresses in the contacts list. Particularly as Hotmail has gained more features in the form of Exchange-like functionality (including Exchange ActiveSync) people can use the service in a way similar to how most …

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Windows Phone 7 and Google’s Artificial Limitation of Multiple Calendars

Disable JavaScript in Safari

If you happen to use more than one calendar in Google Mail or your corporate e-mail then you might have realised that Windows Phone 7 only seems to support the primary calendar for some reason over Exchange ActiveSync. This is despite other EAS compatible devices such as the iPhone and iPad having worked with multiple …

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Hotmail ActiveSync Quirk with Android – Leave the Backslash Alone!

As you may know, I have started to use a Samsung Galaxy S instead of an iPhone and have been going through the process of settings things up and moving across my content. When I got around to setting up my Hotmail accounts I wanted to use the newly available Exchange ActiveSync interface. What I found …

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Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail Almost Upon Us

Smartphone users may have been frustrated by the inability to access their Hotmail accounts using POP3 whilst other services such as Gmail and Yahoo have allowed the use of IMAP and, in the case of Gmail, the use of Exchange ActiveSync technology to synchronise your mail, contacts and calendar and enable the use for push …

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News.Com.Au – Get Your Facts Straight on iPad Security

Today, I saw an article on news.com.au entitled “Business not ready to embrace ‘open’ iPad”. In a nuthsell, the article attempted to relate the comments from an Ovum analyst (specifically around the use of the iPad including the freedom to install applications) with an event in the US that saw details of 114,000 customers exposed by …

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Exchange on the Cheap – Google Mail + ActiveSync = Google Sync

With the release of iOS 4 for iPhone (with iPad users still waiting patiently) the ability to have more than one Microsoft Exchange account (or similar through the use of ActiveSync) has been a long time coming. Those of us that use Microsoft Exchange at work know how handy it is to have push mail …

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