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How to Upgrade and Downgrade Between Hotmail to Outlook.com

Update 20/02/2013: Microsoft appears to be migrating users over and removing the option to revert to the Hotmail interface! This came out of nowhere and is a testament that Microsoft is really getting its stuff together ahead of the Windows 8 release and unify their software and services across the board. Hotmail started in humble …

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Hotmail Gets a Little Smarter

If you are a user of Hotmail and Windows 7 then you might find this little tip rather handy. Some websites offer extended functionality if you pin them to the taskbar in Windows 7 such as Facebook¬†so it is good to see that Hotmail gives you a convenient way to see if there are any …

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SSL Support Extended in Windows Live Hotmail

Here’s a quick tip for tonight. A while ago I noted that Windows Live Hotmail gained optional forced SSL connectivity but at the expense of being able to access your account through the Windows Live Mail client software on your desktop. This was certainly a deal breaker for me as I prefer to use the …

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Cleanup Your Hotmail Contacts

Windows Live Mail - Cleanup Contacts

Here’s a quick tip for tonight. If you’ve had a Hotmail address for a while you might have accumulated a lot of addresses in the contacts list. Particularly as Hotmail has gained more features in the form of Exchange-like functionality (including Exchange ActiveSync) people can use the service in a way similar to how most …

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HTTPS Everywhere – An Easier Way to Force SSL

HTTPS Everywhere Preferences

Last month, I covered how you could use Firefox with the NoScript add-on to force Secure HTTP (HTTPS) in order to protect yourself when using social networking websites on an unprotected wireless network or general usage anywhere else. The NoScript solution works fine but if you are less technically minded it could be a bit …

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Microsoft Temporarily Disables URLs in Windows Live Messenger

If you are using an older version of Windows Live Messenger you may have noticed that URLs have been disabled (i.e. they are not clickable). Microsoft has taken this step to help prevent a worm spreading through its instant messaging service (although presumably someone could still copy and paste the link manually into a browser). …

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Hotmail Finally Implements Complete SSL

Hotmail - Connect with HTTPS

In a development that could be seen as a response to the havoc that FireSheep has created in the last week, Microsoft has finally enabled complete SSL security for its Hotmail service. Previously, authentication would be encrypted using SSL but users would then be switched back to plain HTTP (which of course is insecure). The …

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Hotmail ActiveSync Quirk with Android – Leave the Backslash Alone!

As you may know, I have started to use a Samsung Galaxy S instead of an iPhone and have been going through the process of settings things up and moving across my content.¬†When I got around to setting up my Hotmail accounts I wanted to use the newly available Exchange ActiveSync interface. What I found …

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Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail Almost Upon Us

Smartphone users may have been frustrated by the inability to access their Hotmail accounts using POP3 whilst other services such as Gmail and Yahoo have allowed the use of IMAP and, in the case of Gmail, the use of Exchange ActiveSync technology to synchronise your mail, contacts and calendar and enable the use for push …

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Backup Your Facebook, Twitter and Blog with Backupify

Are there some things that you have uploaded to a social medium that you don’t have stored anywhere else? Perhaps you are implicitly relying on Facebook and Twitter remaining operational so that all those funny comments, memorable photos, shared links and event calendars are not lost? If you have been following this blog for a …

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