Cleanup Your Hotmail Contacts

Here’s a quick tip for tonight.

If you’ve had a Hotmail address for a while you might have accumulated a lot of addresses in the contacts list. Particularly as Hotmail has gained more features in the form of Exchange-like functionality (including Exchange ActiveSync) people can use the service in a way similar to how most corporate e-mail account work.

However, if you’ve got hundreds of contacts that have built up over the years it’s a pain having to try and sort out duplicate and then merge them, if required. However, there is an easy way to do it with Windows Live Mail 2011 with the click of a button.

Windows Live Mail - Cleanup Contacts

Windows Live Mail - Cleanup Contacts

When you go into the “Contacts” section of Windows Live Mail you will find the “Clean up contacts” button in the ribbon up the top of the screen. Clicking this button will execute a search for duplicate contacts and offer you the chance to tidy them up. Mind you, it can only do so much (particularly if two contacts are significantly different in terms of surname and contact details) so there might still be some manual work required to get everything just right.

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