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Windows Essentials 2012

If you’re upgrading to Windows 8 then you might be looking for the Windows Live Essentials software suite if you used it on Windows 7 or earlier versions of Windows. You would have been using part or all of the suite if you were using one of the following applications: Windows Live Mail (now called …

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How to Upgrade and Downgrade Between Hotmail to Outlook.com

Update 20/02/2013: Microsoft appears to be migrating users over and removing the option to revert to the Hotmail interface! This came out of nowhere and is a testament that Microsoft is really getting its stuff together ahead of the Windows 8 release and unify their software and services across the board. Hotmail started in humble …

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Cleanup Your Hotmail Contacts

Windows Live Mail - Cleanup Contacts

Here’s a quick tip for tonight. If you’ve had a Hotmail address for a while you might have accumulated a lot of addresses in the contacts list. Particularly as Hotmail has gained more features in the form of Exchange-like functionality (including Exchange ActiveSync) people can use the service in a way similar to how most …

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Hotmail Finally Implements Complete SSL

Hotmail - Connect with HTTPS

In a development that could be seen as a response to the havoc that FireSheep has created in the last week, Microsoft has finally enabled complete SSL security for its Hotmail service. Previously, authentication would be encrypted using SSL but users would then be switched back to plain HTTP (which of course is insecure). The …

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