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SMTP Error 452 – 4.3.1 Out of Memory

A more technical article for today based upon something that I encountered yesterday. The automated reporting software (Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1) with which I work uses an SMTP server to send reports out via e-mail as attachments. However, this morning a good percentage of the reports failed to go out for now apparent reason. …

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Giving Office 365 a Shot

Just a quick update. You might have read about my e-mail woes in yesterday’s article and not wanting to leave things lingering for too long I decided to pull the trigger and try out Office 365 free for thirty days. I have always been a big user of Outlook and moving the back end of …

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Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta 2 – First Impressions

Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta 2 - Customised Ringtones

Well, I have had about 24 hours with Mango Beta 2 for Windows Phone 7 and wanted to share with you some of my first impressions of this forthcoming update for this mobile platform. While it’s speculated for a September release, I could easily see this being delayed to October or later by the carrier …

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Office 365 Drops Out of Beta

Here’s a heads up on something that has just happened this evening. Microsoft’s Office 365 product has come out of beta and pricing has been released. In a nutshell: Single users and small businesses can buy up to 25 accounts at $6 per user per month, Medium businesses and enterprises can purchase accounts for between …

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Be Polite – Zip Your E-mail Attachments

Just a quick one tonight. I’m sure we all have people who love to send e-mail attachments at the drop of a hat and often those attachments can be several megabytes each especially if they are photos from a digital camera or large documents. Whilst most of us have a broadband connection of some sort, …

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Hotmail ActiveSync Quirk with Android – Leave the Backslash Alone!

As you may know, I have started to use a Samsung Galaxy S instead of an iPhone and have been going through the process of settings things up and moving across my content.¬†When I got around to setting up my Hotmail accounts I wanted to use the newly available Exchange ActiveSync interface. What I found …

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