Maintaining Contact Syncing with Gmail on iOS Devices

Google is starting to flex its muscle a little bit in dumping Exchange ActiveSync for its Gmail service unless you are a paying customer or you have existing devices setup on a free basis. This might be problematic if you’re using a new iOS device or a Windows Phone handset in the future.

At least on an iOS device you can use CardDAV to continue syncing contacts and you can set this up as follows:

  1. Open Settings,
  2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars,
  3. Tap Add Account,
  4. Tap Other,
  5. Tap Add CardDAV Account
  6. Enter in the following:
    • Server:
    • Username: <your Gmail address>
    • Password: <your Gmail password>
  7. Tap Next and finish off the configuration.

This should get you up and running using the replacement CardDAV protocol.

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