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Apr 12 2015

Dell U3415W Curved Ultrawide Monitor Unboxing

Well, the Dell U3415W monitor arrived sooner than I expected and boy, the box was absolutely massive and heavy weighing at nearly 16.5kg! I actually had to put it on the back seat of my car as it wouldn’t fit in the boot given the width of the box so this is definitely one of …

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Jun 15 2012

Optimise Battery Life for Smartphones with AMOLED Screens

Here’s a quick tip. If your phone has an AMOLED screen (as opposed to an LCD screen) it’s worth knowing how these displays work. In a nutshell, LCD screens rely on a backlight and a liquid crystal matrix in front of it which blocks certain colours and allows other colours through. Power usage will be …

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Apr 15 2012

Panasonic 2012 Home Entertainment Launch – Smart Viera Highlights

Last night, I got along to check out the new range of Panasonic televisions, recorders, players and Hi-Fi out at Dunbar House in Watson’s Bay, NSW. The venue was very swish with some tasty food on offer and it presented a setting similar to what you’d expect to experience when you’d be using home entertainment …

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Oct 02 2011

Panasonic 803 Series Premium DECT Cordless Phone

Panasonic 803 Series Premium DECT Cordless Phone

Last time, I covered the Panasonic washing machine that was shown off at the recent Panasonic home appliance launch last week. Today, I am going to cover off the new cordless phone that will be added to the existing lineup. Granted, these days landline telephony might be viewed more as a legacy service compared to …

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May 12 2011

The Highlights of the Panasonic 2011 Launch Event

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to read yesterday’s blog on my adventure to the Panasonic 2011 launch event and I covered a bit of what happened during the evening. Today, I’m going to flesh out some of the highlights and what Panasonic will be rolling out to the masses this year. One major initiative from …

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May 11 2011

Panasonic 2011 Launch Event – Done and Dusted

One of the Panasonic technical gurus showing off the HDC-SD900 camcorder

I have just gotten back from the Panasonic 2011 launch event which allowed selected members of the Panasonic Insider Crew in for the first time with the media and major retailers. We were seated and presented to separately from the commercial folks at the Hoyts cinema complex at Fox Studios in Moore Park, NSW. I …

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May 07 2011

A Closer Look at the Kindle E Ink Display

Amazon Kindle DX - Closer Look

A few days ago I got some feedback from someone who wanted to see what a PDF document looks like on the E Ink display.  E Ink is renowned for its readability and high contrast without the use for a backlit like traditional LCD or LED based displays which can cause eye discomfort after prolonged usage. However, …

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Jan 19 2011

Improve Screen Readability – Increase Text Size

One complaint that I do come across after a user has had their screen set at its native resolution is that the size of the text on the screen has shrunk and, especially for smaller displays that run at high resolutions, can still be difficult to read. Luckily, you can increase the size of the …

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Jan 18 2011

Improve Screen Readability – Enable & Tune ClearType

Leading on from yesterday’s article which looked at modern digital displays such as LCDs, LEDs and plasmas, the concept of the native resolution and how lower resolutions may not align with the physical rows and columns of pixels on a display. Today, I have another tip to further improve the readability of text on your screen. ClearType, …

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Jan 17 2011

Improve Screen Readability – LCD Screen Native Resolution

It never fails to amaze me how many people do not take the time to optimise the readability of their screens particularly when they will be using it for many hours a day. I must have lost count of the number of times I have seen LCD screens running below their native resolution resulting in …

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