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Google Music Makes its (Beta) Debut

This might have flown under the radar for a lot of people but Google has released its cloud music service (potentially in response to Amazon which released its fully functioning service recently). As you might know, Amazon caused a bit of an upset upon launching its service and delivering songs bought through its online store …

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Panasonic 2011 Launch Event – Done and Dusted

Panasonic Product Lineup

I have just gotten back from the Panasonic 2011 launch event which allowed selected members of the Panasonic Insider Crew in for the first time with the media and major retailers. We were seated and presented to separately from the commercial folks at the Hoyts cinema complex at Fox Studios in Moore Park, NSW. I …

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Cloud Music: The Next Big Thing?

The tech heads amongst us would be aware of the rumours of cloud music services from Apple and Google making the rounds at the moment especially after Amazon fired the first shot in the last couple of weeks (and may have upset the record companies in the process over licensing agreements). Apple already has the …

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Nokia Wises Up to Their Shrinking Market

For many years it has been widely acknowledged that Nokia, once the world leader in mobile phones and technology, has become nothing more than a random handset generator that uses a combination of numbers and letters to label its phones (possibly using a random alphanumeric value generator). Whilst there are Nokia handsets that are fit …

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