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Aug 31 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review

Well, after owning my Surface Pro 3 for a couple of months (with half the time split between using Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 on it) I am now sharing my review.   It is a longer video but I cover off the following points: 0m00s: Look and feel, In a nutshell, Microsoft has done well in …

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Sep 17 2013

Panasonic SC-BTT880 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System Unboxing

It’s been a while between receiving this unit and being able to unbox it but I was waiting to sell the old SC-BTT755 home theatre system so I didn’t have the house cluttered up 🙂 For the sake of clarification, there was nothing really wrong with the BTT755 – it was in great nick and …

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Aug 04 2013

Incoming Gadget – Google Chromecast

Another short and sweet update. I missed out on the initial release but I have placed an order for Google’s new Chromecast product. In a nutshell, it’s a dongle that you plug into your television in a spare USB socket for power as well as an HDMI socket to send video and audio to the …

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May 04 2013

Google Nexus 7 3G Price Fluctuations

Given the recent speculation on the release of a second generation Google Nexus 7 3G Android tablet it looks like local pricing might provide some indication of what may happen in the near future. In a nutshell, I saw the price of this tablet at around $330 at a number of big name shops a …

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Apr 17 2013

Microsoft Surface – Type Cover or Bust

The title really says it all but I thought I would share my experience with the Touch Cover and Type Cover for Microsoft Surface. To put it plainly, they are chalk and cheese. You can type far more easily and efficiently with the Type Cover compared to the Touch Cover with a minor increase in …

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Nov 10 2012

Locking Your Windows RT Tablet

If you’re using a tablet that doesn’t come with a keyboard or has an detachable or foldaway keyboard then you might want to know how to lock your tablet without having to reattach or swing back the keyboard to hit Window + L. Fortunately, this is really simple once you know how: Get to the Start …

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Nov 03 2012

Microsoft Surface Unboxing

Here it is, potentially one of the most anticipated tablets to hit the market – Microsoft Surface! I ordered this back on 17/10/2012 @ 0930 hours and despite the heavy traffic on the Microsoft Store website I managed to get my order through the gate. I ended up ordering the standard 32GB Surface with black …

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Oct 30 2012

Unsticking Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on Smartphones and Tablets

Despite how incredible smartphones and tablets can be when they are operating correctly there will come the odd occasion where your device might get its knickers in a twist and fail to connect to a local Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth device automatically. This can be frustrating but there is a simple solution to get your …

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Oct 21 2012

Another Milestone – One Thousand Articles and Counting

It’s been a big week and a big year for the blog. Not too long ago the blog racked up 1000,000 visits and well over 100,000 pageviews in the process which was quite pleasing for something that started out as a way to keep me in the rhythm of writing in between university semesters and …

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Oct 18 2012

Incoming Gadget – Microsoft Surface

In a nutshell, I caved. Yesterday, I pulled the trigger on a pre-order of the Microsoft Surface which is a Windows RT tablet (an ARM only version of Windows 8). The thing that was really irking me about getting one was the lack of cellular radio in the device which meant that on the go …

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