Flash – Absolute Necessity or General Nuisance?

If there is one thing that the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad have perpetuated in terms of arguments it is the necessity of Adobe Flash on a platform. Sure, Apple will have you believe that Flash is a resource hog (which may be true in certain implementations) but does it still hold any value?

One major use of Flash these days is for content delivery such as audio and video in the case of YouTube and major news sites. Other uses include simple applications including games. However, Flash can be used for more annoying things such as banner ads or full screen pop up advertising that take over your browser windows until you close them. Luckily, ad blockers seem to deal with most of those annoyances.

Given that browsers seem to be offering HTML5 support (which includes the ability to stream H.264 video) is there still a place left for Flash in several years time?

I could perhaps see Flash as still being useful in terms of the presentation of dynamic content (such as dashboards and other things like live electoral updates) and even animations (such as a favourite of mine, Homestar Runner). Outside of that, I am really struggling to find any other long term use for Flash.

Do you have any specific needs for Flash on your computers or do you install it to stop webpages nagging about missing plug-ins?

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